Making Goals for 2015

Hello All!

I originally was not going to make any goals post, but after reading some post from fellow bloggers, I decided that it might be a good idea to set a few. Last year I only set one goal and I don’t think I was successful.  The goal was to sew more, but I ended up sewing less but perhaps more challenging projects.

This year I will try to be in a better spirit and set some goals that I will enjoy completing.

1.) Sew at least 10 new garments for myself This my not seem like a lot but I feels it is at least realistic. Even though I just started a project this weekend, I am still not fully in the sewing spirit. Going home, climbing into bed under cozy covers and watching YouTube or Hulu still feels like the thing I look forward to doing each day. However, If I can make 10 new garments this year, no repeats that would be completely awesome. I am even thinking about doing to Wardrobe Architect, we shall see how that pans out.

2.) Draft/Drape myself 2 garments. I know two garments sound weak, especially after all the pattern-making that happened last year. However, I plan to make some garments for myself and at least one of them I hope to be a challenge for me, since I really want to draft a jacket/blazer.

3.) Seriously finish some UFO.  I have several that I really want and some that I really should REALLY finish. Especially my co-worker/friend’s jacket. I told him I was going to make it several years ago and just dropped the ball.  Since he purchased fabric for it, I really need to stop being a jerk and finish it. I also have some coats and shirts that I need stop being afraid to finish.

4.) Blog more and get back into the community.  Since I have two blogs now, I really should be able to blog more. Also if I keep up with the above goals, then I should be able to have more post here. The other blog is much easier since I am actively taking care of my skin most days. I really how I can reconnect with some of you, because I really enjoyed our exchanges and also love hang out with ya IRL.

5.) Travel. Not related to sewing per se, but last year I did travel to hang out with sewing peeps and I hope that can happen again. However, I really want to get my passport so I can travel outside of the US. I haven’t been abroad in a long time and I probably should do something about that, Right? Also, since one of the places I am thinking of relocating to one day is out of the country, I will need a passport to do that.

6.) Commit to learning Korean.  Even though I started learning the Korean language this summer, I feel like I am still stuck learning Hangul (alphabet). It really isn’t enough to listen to music and watch shows/movies in Korean. I really need to commit and  even force myself to have conversations.

7.) Dance & Sing more. At some point I stopped dancing and singing around the house.  I really need to get back to that. Not only does it boost my spirits, it also is my little exercise time. Well, that’s that.


Do you have any goals for this year, even if they are simple?



6 thoughts on “Making Goals for 2015”

  1. Great goals!

    Speaking of getting back into the community, are you going to the meetup in February?!?! I would love to see you!

  2. These are great goals! If you’re serious about learning Korean, you should find a language partner or a practice group! I was in a French group that met at the YMCA a few years ago and I got so much better so quickly, just being forced to speak for a couple of hours a week! And a good friend of mine partnered up with a native Japanese speaker and they’re both learning quickly!

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