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Making Goals for 2015

Hello All!

I originally was not going to make any goals post, but after reading some post from fellow bloggers, I decided that it might be a good idea to set a few. Last year I only set one goal and I don’t think I was successful.  The goal was to sew more, but I ended up sewing less but perhaps more challenging projects.

This year I will try to be in a better spirit and set some goals that I will enjoy completing.

1.) Sew at least 10 new garments for myself This my not seem like a lot but I feels it is at least realistic. Even though I just started a project this weekend, I am still not fully in the sewing spirit. Going home, climbing into bed under cozy covers and watching YouTube or Hulu still feels like the thing I look forward to doing each day. However, If I can make 10 new garments this year, no repeats that would be completely awesome. I am even thinking about doing to Wardrobe Architect, we shall see how that pans out.

2.) Draft/Drape myself 2 garments. I know two garments sound weak, especially after all the pattern-making that happened last year. However, I plan to make some garments for myself and at least one of them I hope to be a challenge for me, since I really want to draft a jacket/blazer.

3.) Seriously finish some UFO.  I have several that I really want and some that I really should REALLY finish. Especially my co-worker/friend’s jacket. I told him I was going to make it several years ago and just dropped the ball.  Since he purchased fabric for it, I really need to stop being a jerk and finish it. I also have some coats and shirts that I need stop being afraid to finish.

4.) Blog more and get back into the community.  Since I have two blogs now, I really should be able to blog more. Also if I keep up with the above goals, then I should be able to have more post here. The other blog is much easier since I am actively taking care of my skin most days. I really how I can reconnect with some of you, because I really enjoyed our exchanges and also love hang out with ya IRL.

5.) Travel. Not related to sewing per se, but last year I did travel to hang out with sewing peeps and I hope that can happen again. However, I really want to get my passport so I can travel outside of the US. I haven’t been abroad in a long time and I probably should do something about that, Right? Also, since one of the places I am thinking of relocating to one day is out of the country, I will need a passport to do that.

6.) Commit to learning Korean.  Even though I started learning the Korean language this summer, I feel like I am still stuck learning Hangul (alphabet). It really isn’t enough to listen to music and watch shows/movies in Korean. I really need to commit and  even force myself to have conversations.

7.) Dance & Sing more. At some point I stopped dancing and singing around the house.  I really need to get back to that. Not only does it boost my spirits, it also is my little exercise time. Well, that’s that.


Do you have any goals for this year, even if they are simple?


End of Year Wrap Up

That’s a laughable title, isn’t it? Considering that I didn’t sew much or blog much.


I spent most of the beginning of the year working on my school project. You can see the post here, here and here. Working on the Jekyll and Hyde Outfit was a lot of work and I did learned  a lot. It was very challenging. I am glad that I got the chance to work on this project. I hope to do a similar project in the future.


I was able to squeeze in a my lovely Lola dress, while work working on the school project, along with a secret project that I hope one day to share with you all. I think the Lola is my favorite me-made garment ever. I am very proud of how it was made and it’s super cozy. Plus POCKETS!!!

After I finished the school project, I was completely wiped in regards to sewing. However, I was craving a garment for myself. I went to JoAnn’s and grabbed some lace fabric that had lining and 2 inch elastic band. All I had to do was sew up one seam to make a simple skirt. Instant gratification!!

Unblogged: Closet Case File Nettie and simple skirt

This summer I was gifted with Closet Case File’s Nettie by the lovely Heather from Closet Case File Patterns. Instead of making a body suit or dress, I decided to be daring and I made a crop top. Even with a gut and back fat, I created a look that did not show those flaws. The trick is knowing your body, what to hide and what to show off. I do want to make more Nettie’s, I just need to adjust the shoulders in the pattern.

Oona Pants
Oona Pants

The last garment I made for myself was for Oonapalooza. These colorful drop-crotch pants were inspired by the Silk Romper Oona made this summer. I am one of the few Americans that actually like drop-crotch pants, so I thought it would be awesome to have my own pair. Especially after seeing Oona’s romper with a drop crotch. However, these pants only got worn once and I don’t like them on me. I think the main reason I don’t like them, is because they are too long. The foot part kept getting under my foot and so now the hem worn out. Yuck. I think I might turn this into a skirt one day.

After that, the only thing I started sewing was a remake of the Xmas gift from last year that did not fit my friend. It’s not finished tho, because I need to hem it. Embarrassing.

Most of my lack of sewing and blogging here has to do with how I felt this year. This was a bad year. Since I spent most my time at work and work was unpleasantly trying. I was in a real bad way most of the year. I spent a lot of time solo, which I am sure was not particular good for me. I really felt like walking out on my current life and starting a new one, again. This is not off the table, either. I know I really want to leave San Diego, but I am also thinking of leaving the US. I am really happy that 2014 will be over in a few hours.


Okay now let’s talk about some positive things that happened this year. I went to NYC and got to hang out with a bunch of awesome people. Went to LA several times and also hung out with awesome people. I went to an amazing convention/epic concert. I made a local friend that shares my new-found love for Korean music & culture. I decided to start learning Korean (I need a of work).

I went to a Draping workshop taught by Karolyn Kiisel. Yup, the Karolyn Kiisel that’s behind Draping: The Complete Course. The workshop was really awesome. Karolyn is a great teacher, lovely person. I really hope she teaches another workshop in 2015.

wpid-20141122_151414.jpgDuring the day workshop, we had a demo, lunch and we got to drape two garments. We stuffed the dress forms to fit our own shape. I had to stuff my dressform a lot because I got a lot going on. LOL  It’s really interesting to go from Flat Patternmaking to Draping. I do enjoy Draping but I still REALLY enjoy Flat Patternmaking. Yeah, I am weird.

Other notable thing I did this year was getting into Skincare, mostly Asian Skincare. It started with falling in love with sheet masks. I saw them somewhere and thought they were the most amusing thing. I ordered a bunch and would send creepy Snapchats to my friends. Thinking about it now cracks me up. Surprisingly, I really like what the sheet mask did to my face afterwards. This pushed me into using toner, which did wonders for my complexion. Which ended in a spiral of what is my new skincare routine. I use about 5 – 8 items in my basic routine, I know it sounds crazy but my skin is brighter, complexion is more even than before and much, much more moisturizing. By no means, is my skin perfect but it has improved. I even started a beauty blog, but mostly focus on skincare.  If you are interested you can check it out here.

Well, that was my year pretty much. I really hope 2015 is better than 2014. I hope I gain my drive back and jump back on the sewing and patternmaking horse. I hope I get back into dancing in my kitchen after work and committing to learn Korean. Getting better skin and having fun with makeup would be awesome too. Finally, trying to figure out some important decisions in my life and moving on.

How was your 2014? Do you look forward to 2015? Do you have any goals for the new year?

Have an Excellent New Year!!!!

I want to own (make) a petticoat

I am not a super huge fan of Nicki Minaj but her style personality catches my attention. There is too much going on for my taste color and print wise, but I still like what she is wearing. Why? I think it is the shirt and petticoat combo. If she was wearing here top with a pair of pants, then I would be all. “meh”

After watching this episode of Ellen, I really just wanted to wear a petticoat on a regular day. I think it would be fun and lovely. The interesting thing is it looks like here skirt could have been homemade. This is not a bad thing. The print looks unique and the style looks like it could be easily recreated.

Come on, seriously you can’t tell me you don’t want to run around wearing a petticoat!

A year wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. All I really wanted to do was stay home and take it easy. Also, I wanted to hang out with my classmates. So yesterday, I slept in, baked cookies and went to class.

I did not get as far in class as I would have liked but I did get my fabric on grain.. You won’t believe how off grain it was. I learned a new technique to get it on grain. I had to use the pull the single tread method. I got two piece of my tissue paper laid out on the fashion fabric. *some YAY*

Class was fun. My friend bought in cake and the class song for me. It was very sweet.

The plan for this weekend is to get all the fabric laid out and hopefully cut. I’ll probably just curl up and watch tv. I am so bad.

What are your plans for the weekend?

5 is a good number

I know that having 5 followers is not a big number for a lot of sewing blogs, however, I am excited that 5 people thought that my blog was interesting enough to follow.

I want to say “Thank you and I hope to keep your interest in the future” to my 5 followers. I would also like to thank anyone that reads my blog that I am not aware that does.



September is National Sewing Month

Yup, how awesome is that. A month for sewing. I really want to do something for National Sewing Month, BUT what? There is a contest going but it requires that you had some HEART element to the project. Vomit! Not my thing. Burda is doing a sew-a-long, which I am strongly considering. I’m thinking I should make the Skirt with Front Pleats for my BF. The pattern doesn’t come in my size and I am not a huge skirt wearer, so it will be more useful for me to make it for someone else. The other pattern options for this sew-a-long are dresses. I’m not up for making dresses. So, yeah! Skirt it is. I don’t want to make the skirt too plain, might add piping around the waistband, might make the pleats inserts a different color or add a tulle hem. Definitely want to add some kind of detail to the skirt.

Is there anyone else doing something for National Sewing Month?

Bad Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad sewing blogger. It has been a while since I have made a real post. I am pretty sure I am in a mood, but heck when am I not in a mood. I just haven’t been in the mood to do anything. Then work has been overwhelming to the point that I just want to disappear. I still do, but I am not ready YET to start all over again.

I have done a little sewing.

Earlier this month, I went to Seattle, WA to go to an exhibit that I had a sketchbook being displayed at. It was a great trip. Before I went on the trip, I wanted to make a Hip Bag, so I wouldn’t be carrying stuff on my shoulders, since I know I would be a walking fool. I tried to do most of my sewing the night before I left, but of course when 2 o’clock rolled around, it was time for bed. I got the outside shape finished, still need to sew up the bag lining and then all the details. I’ll post pictures later.

Anyway, I have tried to work more on the bag when I got back from my trip. I started working on the lining. It has not been fun. My sewing machine has been trying to eat the fabric, mainly on the pockets. The original pattern doesn’t call for pockets, so I was very tempted to get rid of them. However, I did some tweaking and I got them on. Now to finish the lining, which means sewing curves. 😦 I still don’t like sewing curves, I rather do squares. Does anyone have any tricks they use to sew curves?

All I Want for X-mas

Okay, I really do not want it for x-mas, but just want it in general…

A vintage Sewing Machine.

I currently own a Brothers CE-4000. It is an okay sewing machine but at the same time garbage.  It is not a big fan of thick material.This past x-mas, I made a couple of clutch purses and making the straps for them was a nightmare. At one point the needle broke and it just missed my face. I think I had glasses on. Some parts I had to hand crank to finish it off.

I know I want to start using thicker fabric. I want to make a pair of denim jeans and I don’t think this machine could handle that. I don’t plan to get rid of the Brother’s machine, but I do need something better.

I also need to get a serger. I actually own one but it is in my mother’s possession and I have a feeling that I won’t be getting it back. 😦