Finished Projects

1. Birthday Dress 2. Wicked Maxi 3. Tribal Maxi 4. Stripey Renfrew 5. Ink Splatter Renfrew 6. Cassie Skirt

7. Orange Batwing Top 8. Colorblock Renfrew 9. Undies 10. Liam’s Set 11. Cowboy’s lunch set


Clutch made for my friend Jen, with different wristbands.
Jen's Clutch

Clutch for my best friend
Cass Clutch
Faced-Shape Scarf (or as my mom calls it… Table Runner) *d’oh


4 thoughts on “Finished Projects”

  1. I really enjoy your “snippets” and went to your site. I enjoyed it, but your tribal maxi dress is beautiful. Suits you perfectly.
    Thanks for your site.
    Eleanor (Cold Canada)

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