P.S. I Love You

City Hall - Philadelphia
City Hall – Philadelphia

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for the kind words regarding my Emery Dress. I hope each and everyone of you have  Pre-ordered the pattern already. If not, what’s the hold up?  I tried to reply to each and everyone of you, if I did not I am so sorry. I was on vacation and was a bit overwhelmed.

Speaking of vacation, I went home earlier this month. It was my first time being back in over 5 years. I am a bad kid. What inspired my trip back East was a) Seeing my best friend and b) Hanging out with Ms. Oona again. If you have met her before, there is no need for an explanation why she would inspire a trip. She is a pretty awesome person.

When I went up to NYC, I got treated to an afternoon of Oona, all to myself.. I feel very special. We grabbed some tasty pizza at Lazzaras. We chatted about a bunch of stuff, most importantly (outside of sewing) Afros. Perhaps, one day this year, I will go into the story of my secret Afro, currently only my closest friends have seen it. Anyway, after lunch it was shopping time. We went to several different stores, which of course the only one I remember the name of at the moment is Mood. It took me a little bit to get into the shopping mood, I was too excited about being in NYC again and being in such great company, that fabric wasn’t holding my attention. I know, shame on me. But to be fair, I was on a “Don’t spend too much” budget and I was looking for the a very specific fabric.

I know you are thinking, HA, good luck. Well ladies, let me tell you the rest of the story about my trip. After going to several different stores, I did not find my very specific fabric. Came very close, but the colorway was just throwing it all off.  The lovely young Red-head at Mood, who I can’t recall her name, said she might have something with the same theme but in a slightly different category for me, but we had to go and so she said she would hold it for me for Saturday.

Oona and I had to part ways but before that we got some picture taking squeezed in. I just recently finished making a self drafted mini skirt that I traced from a RTW mini skirt. I hand-stitched the hem while I was staying with my best friend.  I want to point out, hand stitching a knit mini skirt, BAD Idea. I completely popped the thread while wearing it.


Please ignore the tank top, I don’t own too many white or even black tops and NYC was going through some kind of heatwave on my arrival. But my Kicks (sneakers) are boss. I was walking around feeling super awesome wearing these sneakers.NYCstripskirt01

I don’t know what is going on in this photo but it is my favorite. This is my favorite photo for a body positive standpoint. Despite that I hover on the edge of plus sizes, not all my weight is fat. I might not go to the gym but I do walk everywhere since I am a non-driver. *gasps* I have been walking everywhere since I can remember. Yup, even in several feet of snow with the city being closed down. If you ask me what my favorite part of my body, I would say my calves, I have even claimed I could crush walnuts with them, this might be untrue. I also like my arms but not in most  photos, they look  fatty to me but they really are not. This picture you can kind of see some definition. Maybe one day I will have Angela Basset arms, she has some amazing guns. So yay for body positive photos.


Of course there was silliness going on. I thought it was hilarious that people kept walking through the picture like they could care less. I promise no heads were injured during the taking of these pictures. I think.. I believe there was one lady that was nice enough to stop and let Oona take my picture. This guy, clearly was on a mission.

Pretty sure I did not hit my head in this shot, but there was that time in college…

Just so you know I did buy some things. There was lace fabric that was just meant to be in my possession. Who am I to tell lovely lace they can not go home with me, when the right amount of lace is all that is left on the bolt.

Since this post is getting a little long, I am going to stop here and do another post tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You”

  1. yeah. i was giving your calves the side eye. made me work harder in ballet, dammit!!!!

    i loved our day together! you are the PORTRAIT of fabric restraint. for real.

  2. Found your blog via Christine. Love your cute dresses! She had links on her blog to the different testers and your is great! Love, love, love your hair too!


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