P.S. I Love You Part 2

Oh joy, today is a pretty good day. This is my 100th post, its October which for me means my birthday month and I got my Draping: The Complete Course book in the mail.

So this post is an continuation from yesterday.

So, Saturday, the day I had been looking forward to for a couple of months.  Let me tell you, that day was one of the best days of my life. I got to meet the most beautiful, amazing, talented, brilliant, super down to earth women. I spent most of the day on Saturday with OonaWanettGingerHeatherSallieJenniferDevraKelli doing what we all love, Fabric shopping. Here are some photos of the lovely ladies I spent the day with.


During the planning of my trip, I was really looking forward to meeting Ginger and Wanett in real life. They proved to be more awesome than I could imagine. Jennifer, I was just introduce to via Ginger because I was looking into a place to sew while on vacation, but things got a little crazy on my end so that did not happen. I was very happy to find out that I would meet her anyways.  I had recently started following Heather and Sallie and thought it would be super cool to make sure I was up in NYC the same time. As soon as Heather mention Korean BBQ, I knew this lady was someone I wanted to hang out with. Devra and Kelli were completely new bloggers to me and they were such sweet women and now I have new blogs to follow . Check them out, amazing work. All these women, I am so grateful to have met, seriously. This was one of the best days of my life thanks to them.

Photo taken by Jennifer at Workroom Social

Okay, so yes, I picked up more items from some of the other shops, that wasn’t the specific fabric I desired. I think I had just about given up on finding my special fabric before going to Mood and settle on some other printed fabric.

At Mood, I mostly aimlessly walked around, touching fabric and talking to some of the ladies from the group. Then, I remembered the lovely red-headed lady from the day before. I searched around a little for her before asking another staff member where she might be located. When she came over, she immediately told me she was looking for me and that she had something for me.  Then, she showed me not the specific fabric I was looking for, but better. I was elated. (Sorry, I will share the fabrics in another post.) So now I could be done shopping, right?

WRONG!! There was another fabric that I had spotted the day Oona and I had went to Mood. The fabric was seriously weighing on my heart, until I could not take it anymore. I stormed around the store looking for it. Did not see the fabric anywhere. I saw the fabric draped on a dress form in the very back of the store taunting me. I found a staff member as fast as I could to point me in the direction of the fabric. I would have taken the yardage of the dressform, if it came down to that. She took me to some other fabric that was draped, so I almost grabbed her and dragged her over to the dress form in the back. Note: Who ever drapes the dressforms at Mood, is evil and needs a raise. The lady found my dream fabric immediate and I was happy for the rest of my time at Mood. It did hurt to buy it because it was $25 a yard, but I think of that fabric all the time now. Again not to be revealed in this post.



Eventually, some of the group went our separate ways and long hugs and sweet goodbyes were given. I really wish I had taken more pictures, but sometimes you get distracted by the moment and that’s what happened.

Heather, Sallie, Jennifer and I  had quite the adventurous evening. Wine & Cocktails(me) before enjoying Korean BBQ.  YUM


Then we headed over to the High Line. I was supposed to head back to Brooklyn at this point but the description of the High Line had me intrigued. Glad I went, the High Line is one of those things that causes me to fall madly in love with cities. If you are ever in NYC, please visit the High Line.


The rest of the evening ended up being just as exciting, except my memory starts to get hazy when we got a late night bite and I really can’t recall the ride home. I do recall being internally upset about my dessert and espresso. Not that it was bad but more like, I don’t want this yet stuffing my face all the same. However, I think that the food is what saved me the next day. I was completely fine, minus slight tiredness and being grumpy because I was leaving.

I was definitely bummed going back to Philadelphia, tho I did cheer up when I saw my hotel room. Oh, how could I forget about the cookies on arrival to the hotel. The Murphy Bed was pretty sweet, along with the view.  A couple of friends came by to visit before I crashed hard for the evening.



All in all a very good trip. Already thinking about going back next year, after Portland, Oregon. Yes, I am planning a Portland trip, and popping my head into Seattle.

Here is a link to other pictures from my vacation if you are interested.

I plan to have a couple more post this week, which includes sharing the fabric that I purchased in NYC and a secret project that I had worked on earlier this year. So stay tuned.


13 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You Part 2”

  1. Seriously – SUCH an awesome day!!! I had such a blast with you Latrice!! And I cannot believe you managed to sneak away with only slight tiredness after Saturday evening!! Haha I had one of the most EPIC hangovers of my LIFE!! But totally worth it…

    1. Super awesome day.
      I suspect it was because I was drinking different stuff. I felt like I was having a hangover at the restaurant were at before we split up. You are right, it was absolute worth it.

  2. What a great trip! I love meeting sewing bloggers. So many great conversations to be had.

    I haven’t been able to shop while in NYC the last few times I was there. I still haven’t been to Mood. Gotta fix that.

    1. Yes, you gotta go to Mood. You should meetup with the local bloggers, they make it a little less overwhelming. Plus they are awesome ladies.

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