Keeping it Classy

Sir, if you insist on taking pictures of me, I so kindly request you hand me my drink.

I seriously think I am missing a martini in my hand and a cigarette in the other for this shot.

Look at this dress, this dress looks amazing on me. So amazing I had to go fancy with the hair. The dress was giving the fro mad side-eye. It was not having it. NOPE!

So who is this lady that has wrapped herself around my curves. Her name is Emery. Everyone meet the Emery Dress by the lovely Christine Haynes. I have met Christine a couple of times in LA at Sew L.A. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, so I was happy to jump on the chance to be a pattern tester for her.

I signed up to be her size 16 pattern tester, which is my measurements give a 1/4 or 1/2 here or there and inch up or down in the waist given my food intake that week. Christine is the second pattern designer whose measurements are pretty much on point with mines. It’s like they know. They really want me making their patterns. 😉


I did make a muslin for this dress, mainly to check the bust area. Despite that I am a size 16, I should always do a FBA, but I don’t so HA!! If I were to do a FBA I would have had to make a size 10 bodice. I really did not want to do that, this dress is dart city or dart party. Yes, its a dart party. So, if any serious hiccups come about, I can throw it into a dart. I was happy to find out that the extra fabric in the armhole was not out of control and could be hidden by the sleeve.

Laughing at FBAs

Let me tell you, this dress sews up pretty fast and there is not a lot of pattern pieces to cut out, Since this dress was easy to sew up I wanted to make it extra special, so I decided to make the collar out of lace. I used Gertie’s tutorial to make the collar. I think that the lace collar really made the dress super special.


I can not actually tell you what kind of lace I used, but it did hold up well in the washer machine. Underneath the lace I used a bronze colored silk organza, that I was informed simmered in the light. I still loved the look even if I didn’t get to see the simmer.


Some other features about this pattern is there is two sleeve options. I originally was going to make a 3/4 sleeve, but just cut out the shorter sleeve instead. I don’t know why but that’s what happened.


This dress also comes with an center back invisible zipper. I had planned to do a hand picked invisible zipper but time was against me, so I ended up installing the invisible zipper with my regular zipper foot. I think it did a good job, don’t know?

Not sure where that roundness came from, but maybe I should thank the wind.

When I went to show off this dress to my coworker, she just feel in love with the dress and shortly said to me, “Wait a minute! What no pockets?”


My responses was “BAM!!!” Let’s be serious here, this lady needs pockets. If all dresses had pockets I would wear them a little bit more. Pockets are my friend. The directions for installing the pockets are the best I have come across. Super easy and you don’t even notice. Best inseam pocket I have installed in my sewing career.

You definitely should try out this pattern, especially if you are into vintage inspired dresses. Even, if you are not into the vintage look you should try it. This style of dress is generally not for me, but I am not blind to see how cute it looks on my curves. I would be interested to trying this pattern again and make a size 10 in the bodice and do a FBA to get a better fit in the armhole area.

Here are some additional images from the photo shoot.


I spend most of these photo shots making faces, laughing and dorking about.

There is a lot of spider webs behind me, hurry up and take the damn shots

There were nine photos taken of me on this rock and I was not amused about it. I am no fan of spiders and did not want one getting familiar with me.

My favorite

This is my favorite picture from the photo shoot, you can gauge how silly I am just by that statement. No one else likes it, but it makes me laugh or just smile every time I see it.

So yeah, we took about 100+ pictures and most of them are of me being ridiculous or making scared smiling face. I kind of love it, despite disliking being in front of the lens.

I have a couple of other project on my plate and hope to reveal them soon. Until next time.

Oh and don’t forget to Pre-order your Emery Dress now.


69 thoughts on “Keeping it Classy”

  1. This is ridiculous. I hate you for making me buy this.

    But OK. You look so GOSHDARN FABULOUS that I can’t hold it against you! This is seriously rad, fits you like a dream, and you look cool as shit! Love love love love love!

  2. I know I’ve already said it was awesome but since you was the first post on my reader I had to say it again. This is pretty badass!! I avoid FBA’s as much as possible too. FBA’s just kill the sewing joy.

      1. Oona knows that I have magical powers to make this pattern to fit you perfectly 🙂 this write up is the best thing I’ve ever read about anything I’ve ever done!!!!! thank you Trice!!! xoxo

  3. I get the desire for a cocktail and a cigarette. Perfect props for a swingin’ stylish photo op, too ;-). The dress: great design, great fit and fabulous fabric, too.

  4. Ah, it’s so wonderful to see this dress done up on someone with such a similar body to mine. We’re like chocolate and vanilla body twins. XD

    But seriously, though, if I did an FBA every time that I probably should, my life would be nothing but FBAs and ain’t nobody got time for that. This is probably why I sew with knits so much.

    And fabulous work on the dress, btw. ^_^

    1. Lol, cute.. Chocolate and Vanilla body twins.

      I think FBAs is the reason I started making my own Pattern Blocks. Such a pain. It’s like do a FBA or have big armhole gapping.

      Thank you

  5. Gorgeous! Great idea with the lace collar, it’s perfect! I just love seeing the other testers versions, and how well this dress is fitting everyone. And I totally agree about the pockets, I want to sew all my pockets this way forever.

  6. Amazing! I love the lace collar and the fabric is so me 🙂 Well, it probably looks better on you, but I LOVE it! My favorite Emery dress yet.

  7. Amazing dress! I really love it and it looks fantastic on you! Oo la la! I think I must have this pattern too! BTW- your last pic? I love it. You look decidedly mischievous… like you have all kinds of shenanigans planned!

    1. Thank you. You definitely should get this pattern.

      LOL, I still love that picture. I am probably always up to some shenanigans to be honest.

      How was your trip?

  8. Of all the Emery dresses I have seen just today, I truly believe I like yours best of all. I especially love the lace collar and think it is the perfect touch. Great job and you look wonderful in it!

  9. This dress is fabulous on you! I’m guessing that you’re petite height wise, as I am and rather less petite in the bust department, with short arms. This dress makes you look a million dollars and I’m so pleased I came across this blog as it will be a great inspiration for a short, but large busted Irish sewer who spends more time surfing and thinking wishfully than actual sewing…

  10. I’m so happy I saw this post, the dress looks great on you. I was kind of on the fence about buying the Emery Dress pattern because from the pictures on Christine’s blog/pattern shop I couldn’t really judge the fit for a more curvy lady. And the grey fabric there didn’t help either. But this I can work with! They should use you as the model for the pattern!

    1. Hi Ayida, thanks for stopping by. The Emery is a great dress for us curvy ladies and its great to customize and hack. It’s definitely worth the purchase.

      Oh no, no, not a huge fan of being in front of the camera.

  11. I love your Emery Dress! Your version is one of the main reasons I bought this pattern. I am new to sewing and you inspire me to keep going. May I ask you a ? Is it easy to sew a bodice as a sz 10 if the skirt is going to be bigger size!! I am struggling with this concept in the worse way. Thank you!!

    1. Since this pattern has a gathered skirt, I think it can be easy for you to use different sizes.
      Since I don’t know to much detail of your struggles, I will tell you to check out the Emery Sew-A-long. I would also suggest making a muslin.

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