Sometimes you have to shake things up

Before I even begin, I need to thank the ladies of Colette Patterns, for the mention in their newsletter. Thank you Sara and Caitlin.

I was rather confused when i received a comment stating that they found my link from Colette’s newsletter. I quickly checked my emails and BAM, my name and website posted on Tuesday’s Snippets Newsletter. Super cheese-ball grin and maybe a little dance followed, then back to my cool and collect self. How exciting. That was my busiest day so far. Wild!

I also want to Thank and Welcome the people that came over to visit my blog from the newsletter.

Welcome to my little corner of the blogsphere and thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your visit.


I am going to be honest with everyone, I have no finished projects to show. No surprise.

BUT!!!! I will share with you a work in progress, which is currently on hold until my client can stay in town. Tho last weekend he was in town and we hit the gym and had drinks and food, but don’t tell professional me that. Our secret.

I decided to skip the tissue fitting because it was confusing me, so I made a muslin. I am very happy with the fitting through his waist and hips, but the upper half, not so much. I need to pinch out the area around the armpits and probably make some shoulder pads to balance those out.


For his back I need to take it out some, those drag lines indicated a need for more width. I also need to pinch out some fabric in the back waist.


I’ll probably have to do some hand sewing while the muslin is on him, just like a real tailor. Next month, I hope to make these corrections.

In other news, life has been crazy busy with school and work. I am taking two online accounting classes, one sewing class (pants) and a pattern-making class. In the pants class I am making the Thurlow pants, but no idea what kind of fabric. The pattern making class is interesting, because we are making half-size off of a dressforms except for my group. We are using both a half-size and a full size human. The bust on the dress form is a bit too… perky and makes the measurements off. The last class we draped the half-size to make the sloper. That was a fun class. No measuring, yay.

Only 20 days left until ETAC, which is the Sewing Expo in Irvine. I am really looking forward to taking the bra class. I decided that I would like to start my own bra line/lingerie line for full busted women. US based, hopefully constructed in the US, while keeping the price affordable. I also would like my models to represent the diversity of America. Does the sound over ambitious? This only half of my business plan. Oh and yes, some non-full busted friends while get hooked up, you know who you are, Ms Rittenhouse Rye.

Anyway, this evening has been productive sewing wise, I even have battle wounds, so I might have finished projects to share in a day or two.
Happy stitchin’


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