Impulse Purchases

Ever have those moments when you close your eyes, click your mouse and you end up purchasing something you might not NEED but you really WANT? Yes, there is more steps involved on making a purchase but all you really need is one click to really seal the deal. Well, for me its one click, especially on sites like ebay, etsy and amazon.

What did I buy? I bet you want to know.

Well, I closed my eyes and purchased….. THIS!

It is a size 12 Pinnable Dress Form with Magnetic Shoulder.

Not my measurements, but close enough to the measurements I would like to be. So, yes I will padding this sucker.

This will be my second dress form. My other one is used and needs a little TLC. It pretty much a clothes rack. I am hoping to get more use out of the new one.

Is anyone else guilty of impulse buying?



10 thoughts on “Impulse Purchases”

    1. I am becoming much better at behaving on the fabric front. I went to Joann’s yesterday and only got batting (and glass head pins). But the pins where half off so I had to buy them.

  1. I’m awful at buying fabric on impulse. I have far too much of it now and still seem to be buying more despite not actually having time to sew right now…

    I really want a dress makers dummy. Shame they’re so expensive. One day I will own one, but for now I’ll have to make do i guess.

    1. My fabric weakness usually comes in the form of swap meets and pay by the pound.

      Sometimes, you get lucky and find cheap dressforms on Craigslist, estate sales and ebay. I could have gotten one my size for less than $300 but I don’t want to stay my size. Depends on what you are looking for in a dressform.

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