Renfrew 2: Color Blocked Edition

I finally buckle down and completed my second Sewaholic Renfrew t-shirt. If you did not see my first version you can find it here.

To make this version, I took the fitted bodice front and back and re-traced it, figured out where I wanted the front seam to fall on my body, then I matched the front seam to the back.

I wanted to go with the neckline from View C and the sleeves of View B. I love Cowl Neck. LOVE LOVE LOVE. For the sleeves I opted to not adjust them at all and I love the fit.

This is sewn up using both the conventional sewing machine using a narrow zigzag stitch and serger. I mostly proud of my serged interior except in one location that I forgot to put the presser foot down. Remember to put that pressure foot down or things will not look cute professional. No pictures but trust me.

All and all I am very happy with how this came out. I do need to practice sewing in a circle with a serger more. Stitching on and off could be better.

What is left for me to do with this Renfew is to clip the hanging threads and press the seams. (Yes, I am bad, don’t judge… too much). I’ll try to get a picture of myself wearing it when the weather is not so hot.

I have some exciting things lined up, I can’t share one of the exciting news yet and the other… well, I am not sure if I should share with the sewing world yet. At least until I am further along in the project/goal. I made some book purchases (that I do plan to share soon) that you might figure out what I plan from the selection. Putting it out there on the web (public) creates a kind of pressure and some what official stamp to what my goals are. Very scary.

I can be pressured into sharing tho.


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