Just could not stop myself

This week I finished cutting out my fashion fabric. Hurray!! I purchase 5 yards and I pretty much used all 5 yards. I am so glad that I generally buy more than I need. The last piece I cut was the front skirt. How embarrassing would that be if I didn’t have enough. 😐

This weekend I hope to prepare to have the fabric pin fitted for next week. After that is Holiday Break, I should start working on something else. Maybe my friends shirt, if she forwards me the measurements I took of her.

On Wednesday evening, I could not resist the urge to pre-ordered Sewaholic’s Minoru Jacket. It is super cute. 

I am not sure when they are being sent out, I really hope it is soon. I can’t wait to dive in and start making this.

So this weekend, I will be squeezing some time in for my friends, pinning my fashion fabric and marking the center front. Oh and watching Harry Potter Book 1 to Book 7 part 2. What do you have plan this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Just could not stop myself”

    1. Lol, maybe but I did want to get the special pre-order rate. Next week, I’ll be getting the Colette book. Someone should take my debit card away. Lol
      Did you hear when the patterns will ship?
      Were you planning to do the Janurary Sew along?

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