On my Sewing Table

I haven’t finished any projects since the 2 maxi dresses, but I have been working on some big sewing projects and UFOs.

On of the UFOs is the BurdaStyle Tikva Trench. I don’t know what stopped me on this project, but it would be coming along fine if it wasn’t for the pattern directions. The most annoying part about this pattern is that it is not very clear which pieces needed to be interfaced and sometimes you don’t find out until you about to working on that piece. Hopefully, there is no more pieces that need to be interfaced, Especially since I am out of the interfacing that I used.

I am just finishing up the lapel and collar. I have some topstitching I need to do and then I can move on to the sleeves. The amusing part about me working on my Tikva Trench is that I won’t be wearing it for a while but at least it will be finished right?

Remember this shirt? I am also tackling finishing this up as well. I am a little scared, the stripes are intimidating, but I am overjoyed that my white color came out very nice, topstitching and all. The shirt pretty much looks like the above but actually sewn up. I am currently working on attaching the neckband to the collar and I have to make sure the stripes match. *sigh*

One of the big projects on my sewing table is a sports jacket for my good guy friend. We went fabric shopping together, which of course would be a crazy affair. I keep telling him how can I be professional if you keep making me laugh. We had a good time and I think he actually enjoyed fabric shopping for his jacket. We picked up a nice wool blend that you can use either side and have a completely different look. One side is a dark blue and the other side is a lighter blue. I told him we would go for the dark blue because it has textures of the light blue peeking through. We also picked a silks red and blue star and hexagon lining. You know the one. And yes, I did have to show him the silks. I also showed him the lining fabrics, but then told him he had other options and he did not need to use matching lining. 😉

The first fitting got me a little concerned. I think I might have taken the wrong chest measurements and cut the wrong size. I think I should have went a size up. The tissue paper is fitting too tight in the upper portion but he seems to have a nice amount of room waist down. Just the upper part is giving me problems. I can’t buy another copy of this pattern, because there is no more. This is the second time I come across the bodice being too tight in the arm area when making stuff for him, I don’t know what is going on there. I need to figure something out.

For myself I started working on McCalls 5938. I have this lovely bone color gabardine that I purchased from Fabric Mart for a dollar a yard. Last weekend, I purchased some navy gabardine to be the lapel, collar, and piping. I have no clue what I am going to use as a lining. I guess it depends on how opaque the bone gabardine is, I might have to make my lining boring. I have this pattern all cut up and tissue pin, I just need someone to help me check if the center back fits. Don’t you just wish you could spin your head and arms around? Life would be much easier if you could check your back side out.

I need to decide if I am going to interface my jacket using the fusible method or if I am going to attach the interfacing the traditional tailor method. I know for my friend’s jacket I will be using the traditional tailoring method. I am even going to have the undercollar made out of felt. For my jacket, it does not need all that. I think women’s tailored jackets you use the fashion fabric as the undercollar.

Next week, I plan to whip up a prom maxi dress for Promaballoon. I don’t want to worry too much about fit, so I am hoping to use a stretch satin that would fancy up the plain pattern and perhaps add some additional bells and whistles.

This week, I just register for the Bra-Fitting class with Monica Bravo at ETACalifornia. ETA is a sewing expo hosted by Peggy Sager. Hopefully it will be a good time. I don’t know where I am going to stay, when I get there and if I am staying there until Saturday. There is not too many classes I want to attend, so we shall see.


4 thoughts on “On my Sewing Table”

  1. Wow… so many complex projects at once. I am so impressed! Shame about the fitting issues for your friend’s jacket. When I first started using Burda instructions I was sooo confused but now I’m used to the information that gets left out, or translated badly! I suppose the more we make the more we can anticipate the correct method! 🙂

    1. Ha! I don’t know why I am drawn to making complex projects. I think I might be able to fix the fit problem, just wish I had my teacher for guidance. Ugh, yeah Burda’s pattern instructions are the worst.

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