Week Two & Three: Minoru Sew-Along

With week two and most of three of the Minoru Sew- Along behind me, I am still behind. I used a seam binding to finish the shoulder seams, but I am not loving the results of it because you can see it through the outside. I really don’t want to undo all that hand sewing, so I might make little tacks to hide it behind the top-stitching. I need to attached the hood lining to the hood fabric, possibly finish the seam on the lining for the hood. I really need to plan out my seam finishing, not a good idea to think of it last minute.

Last Sunday evening, I thought I would catch up with the sew along, but came across a hiccup when I realized that the zipper wasn’t long enough. I ended up going to Joann’s yesterday before class and picking up a 20′ zipper. A 19′ zipper would be perfect but alas, there is no 19′ zippers at Joann’s. I am hoping this weekend I’ll be able to catch up with everyone.

I hope to join in making the Pastille Dress with Sew Colette Sew-Along. This will be the second project in the sew-along. I do not plan to make the whole dress, but mainly the skirt part. Will I ever wear the skirt? Maybe.

Last week ended my trench coat class and of course I did not finish it. However, this week started my Advanced Knits and Tailoring Class. I received the Renfrew pattern this Monday, perfect timing. I am hoping I can used one of the knit fabrics I have in my collection for this. I really would like to not buy any fabric (unless it was super cheap).


The tailoring class that I am taking seems very cool. We are learning 3 different tailoring techniques; Traditional/Couture, Contemporary and Industry. We are making a half-size jacket for the Traditional/Couture and Contemporary. One half of the jacket will be one method, the other after another. The second part of the class we will be making a full size jacket using the Industry Method.  Sounds like fun, huh?

Tomorrow, the tailoring class is going on a little field trip to pick up supplies. This should be interesting.

I can’t wait to get home tonight, I am either going to pass out or sew.


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