Current Projects

It is 8 days into September and I bet you all would like to know where I am in making my projects. Right? Well my main project, if you did not know already, is the Burdastyle Tikva Trench. I am making the coat during my Sew Like A Pro class. This project will be a big project. Not only is the coat supposedly an advance skill level, but I also have to grade it to my size. My high bust size not my full bust size. I will still have to do all the fun body adjustments.

Right now, I am trying to figure out how to print this pattern out. There are two options. Print it out on a home printer on regular size paper or have it printed out at a print shop. I think I might end up printing it at home. The price to print this at a print shop seems dramatically more than the cost of the pattern, fabric and anything else I would use to make the trench coat.

I came across this amazing blue fabric at the new Discount Fabrics that is located in Linda Vista. The new shop is much better than the Discount Fabrics on Adams. The location and the building on Adams is great. It just makes me want to get tons of bleach to clean it up. The place is also not very organized and sometimes I really do need my fabric stores to be organized. That way I can focus on what I need and not “OH PRETTY, must have now” stuff.

I really hope this pattern looks good on me, sometimes you don’t find out until you finished the project.  I know the fabric will look great against my skin but the actual pattern might be a different story. Hopefully, my hips are not to big that the gather hem makes me look… meh.

Another project that I am working on for just the month of September is the Skirt with Front Pleats with the Burdastyle Sew Along. I am making this skirt for my best friend. I found this printed fabric for around $3.00 a yard. This was sitting on the discount fabric table. So I purchase the entire amount that was on the table. I think it was about 5.5 yards, that I purchase. I am currently at the point where I need to copy the current pattern size and then trace it on to muslin. I really hope I can finish the muslin before my best friend goes home on sunday, but who knows.

Here is a picture of the pattern spread out in the living room before it got taped up. I am at the stage where I need to trace it to the muslin and sew that up. I already traced the print out on medical paper. I am getting close to where I want to be at in the process. *Crosses fingers*



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