Finds and Progress

A couple of weeks ago, I purchase this fun sewing watch at a fabric store in La Jolla. The name of the store escapes me. I love the watch! The slap wristband is accurate in it measurements and I just love the scissor hands. Super cute.


For my class project I ended up just printing the pattern pieces on a home computer. It is so many pages, ugh. I started folding the corners, so I can start piecing everything together.

For the sewing-a-long skirt, I finished making the muslin, just in time before my best friend went back east. Sorry no pictures of the fitting. It fit mostly fine, but I might take a little out, so it is not to snugged.
So, this week I am hoping to get the trench coat patten ready for a fitting next’s week class. I also would like to get the skirt cut out in the fashion fabric. That means I need to pre-treat my fabrics. The sucky part of living in an apartment complex, shared washers and dryers.


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