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Making a Collection: Part 1

If you have read several of my post for this year, you will be aware that I am taking an Advance Pattern-making class. The class is about making your first Collection. I have been sharing pictures of my process on Twitter/Instagram. However, everyone does not use Twitter or Instagram, so I decided to do a little series about the path to my first collection.


So I knew exactly what my Theme would be for class before the semester even started. Sadly, once class started, I realized I had to calm my ideas the hell down. This made my concept a little tricky.

I bet you are curious what my concept/theme is! Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a soft spot for things Asian. I took Japanese for my foreign language credit in college, my first clothing item I sewed up was a Kimono blouse and I really don’t need to get into food. In all honestly, I didn’t realize I had a LOVE for Asian things until a few years ago. My current focus is with Korean culture and this lady loves some Korean Pop music. It’s a not so secret, secret pleasure. A lot of it reminds me of music from the late 80s, early 90s. Feel good music you can dance too. I have a strong bias towards Korean Boy Groups to make matters worst. In the 80s/90s it was American Girl Groups.

Okay, back on tract. I don’t remember how it came to me, but I do recall it was very much like a light bulb moment. Like YES, there is no other option. I was mad excited about this idea, still love the original idea. My concept was inspired by my second favorite K-Pop group, Vixx’s Hyde music video.

Warning: This is a dark concept video, so there are snakes, skulls and such.

In case you decide to skip the video, the story line is, these guys are struggling between their good and bad side. The song lyrics plays out in a similar fashion, like a crappy relationship. Nice one moment and a jerk-face the next.

I have watched the above video many times (as well as their others), plus I even read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The next step for me was to make an inspiration board. Not only was I inspired by images from Vixx, but also Krystof Stroznya’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection and even photographs from the 1800s on double exposure.

Vixx Inspirations


Jekyll & Hyde Inspirations


The next step for me in this process was to come up with designs. Somehow, I got in my brain that I had to create three different looks. So in my head, I came up with a good side, a bad side and the conflicted good/bad. However, turns out I had to make three garments or a 3-piece outfit, which is great labor and time wise but kind of threw me off design wise. I needed to get across Jekyll & Hyde (meets Korean pop idol) all in one look (3-piece outfit). *breathe*

The first real assignment was to make a croqui, make copies and then design 12 garments. From the 12 I had to pick 3 that I would make. This method is a little difficult for me, because I usually always know what I want and I really have strong feelings and focus towards those idea. So, 9 of the garments I designed ended up being mostly BS, that I kind of struggled with. However, some of them I went in after the 3 were picked and played with for other project ideas. I did make some adjustments to my final 3 garments, and guess what, the designs are still being adjusted beyond the design stage. You know I even dream about my design ideas, FOCUS!!!

To end today’s post, I will share with you my first garment. My illustrations are not the best, so I will do a short description for each illustration.

Illustrated by Me (Trice @ SewTell) Don’t know why I crossed my real name.

Garment 1: Jacket/Vest, Black and white, armhole princess seam front, waist back darts, feathered back, 5-6 different fabric textures, faced and partially lined.

Jacket Mockup

Come back next week, for Garment 2 and other thoughts on the process.

Prada’s Fall/Winter Campaign


I am not really into high-fashion design houses or what not, but Prada’s new collection for men caught my attention. The new collection is supposedly steampunk influence, which is a genre that I find interesting. The models in the campaign are Gary Oldman, Willem Defoe and some other younger gentleman. They look very handsome.

The men’s collection is much more exciting than the woman’s collection.


It makes me feel like polyester is screaming at me and I am not anti-polyester either. Also, the women look a little creepy and not in a good way like Willem Dafoe.

It is kind of exciting to see men’s fashion being more impressive than woman’s.  I must admit, I am a sucker for a guy in a suit. Plus, since I’ve taken tailoring class, tailored suits have a special place in my heart.

To see more of the collection check out Prada’s website.

New Designers

I recently came across this fashion designer on Etsy. The shop is called Elika Designs. She is a Canadian Designer. I love the way she drapes, just makes me want to attack my dress form.

I am pretty sure I can’t wear anything she has to sell, nor would I buy anything from her store. Just too pricey for me.  I CAN drool over her work and feel inspired.

I have a feeling that her designs will not FIT nicely on my figure.  Most of my taste in clothing fits in the ‘clothes that I can’t wear’ category. Boo.

Sadly, my wardrobe  doesn’t reflect my style. Does that seem odd?


And no, we will not talk about how I have not been producing work. 😛

Fashion Designer: Chris Benz

I am really excited for Fall 2011.  I love that Fall 2011 is inspired by the 70’s. My favorite collection from Fashion Week Fall Collection is Chris Benz.

I am just in love with the colors, the texture, all of it. To see his whole line you can follow this link here.

Here are five of my favorites (trust me there is more favorites).

I am loving the hat on these pieces. I really want one. I look good in hats but I am not sure how I look in big hats. Maybe we shall see someday.

Some of his pieces has fur. Now I am not a super big fan of fur, but I do not dislike fur either.  Chris Benz makes the fur look great in my opinion. Hopefully it is fake fur, but let’s be honest, it is probably is real fur.

I think one of my favorite things about the 70’s is the wide legged pants. I personally can not rock the skinny jeans. I have too many curves on my body and I not skinny by any means, so loving wide legged pants comes natural.

You should check out more of Chris Benz collections, he really knows how to create a look.

Chris Benz website