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Making sewing friendships


A few months ago, I happen to oversee on twitter, that Lauren and Clare where planning a trip to NYC. Being the polite rebel I can be sometimes, I asked if I could crash their party. During the time leading up to the  date, I was completely on and off about going, mostly due to finances. In the end, thanks to tax season, I was able to go (my Portland trip isn’t looking so good however). I also like to add that this was like a school/business trip for me. I can comfortable say, I purchased two fabrics that was just for me.

Ahem, Okay! Disclaimer: If I forget to mention you or left anything out. I am super sorry.

Shortly, after arriving in New York, I caught up with Clare, Ginger, Oona,  Jen, Kelli and Amanda at a super fun craft Happy Hour. As soon, as I walked through the doors, I was greeted by my gals Oona & Jen and was taken promptly to the bar. Start of a good night, right?   There was a fun times had at the event. I think  I was a lot more silly and chatty that night. I had a tons of energy that night.

The next day, I had a lovely breakfast with Clare and Jen. For some reason the couple sitting next to us kept looking at us. We were excited but I don’t think we were loud, so I guess that they were just jealous.

After breakfast, Clare and I went explored NYC until we met up with my new partner in crime, Amity. Then, Amity and I went to Sephora and I got made-over before heading over to meet Betsy to meet everyone else for dinner. There was a large group and I got to meet so many amazing women. It would appear that I was in the heart of Oona’s Fat Quarter Challenge. I think I missed part of that conversation, probably because I was too busy destroying the margarita pitcher chatting/eavesdropping on the other end of the table.  Lucinda and Devra got to witness my sneaky clever margarita behaviour. Oona witnessed it too when I thought she was not paying attention. There were a lot of people there, so I was trying to weave in and out of various conversation. After dinner, Amity and I headed over to NJ (Philly naive grumble) since we were roommates for the rest of the trip. Getting over to NJ was an adventure and we did not get to the house until like 3am, due to waiting several hours at Penn Station.

Saturday, was the big Meet-Up day. Amity and I  traveled back to NYC on a Gypsy Bus to go to Devra’s place for brunch. A whole bunch of my favorite people were there, aka all the ladies from my Fall NYC trip, and I got to meet some new favorites. I was a little star-struck when I saw Peter, who I really wished I got to talk to more. Plus, I got to hang out with Carolyn again (we met the night before) and not to get super gushy, but, YES, Carolyn = Awesome Women!!

Then, we all went to the big Mood MeetUup.  There was a lot more people there but I didn’t really get to exchange words with a lot of them. 😦 I did finally got to meet Maddie, which was delightful. There was more hanging out involved after Mood. However, after a while I got a bit sick and just need to take it easy.

Sunday, was my last day in NYC and I spent most of it with Devra, Ginger, Clare and Lauren fabric shopping and chatting over coffee.

Whenever, I leave NYC I fell like my heart gets broken. Seriously, NYC is one of my favorite cities. I feel more at home in NYC, then I do in San Diego.  I really love cities that have tons of energy, you can fell it flow through you (and I am not talking about the wind chill.) San Diego has a settle down, take it easy vibe, in my opinion and I am not one to really settle. Plus the amount of people in the sewing community that gets together is pretty awesome. So yeah, NYC is like falling in love and getting your hear broken. I met so many amazing people during my trip in NYC, that for a minute I thought I dreamt it. Weird huh?

The weekend after, I still was not done hang out with the sewing community. Christine Haynes had her Book Release party at Sew L.A. It was a lovely event with yummy food and drinks. I purchased Christine’s book for a friend, in hopes that he gets inspired to sew more. The next day, was a fashion district meet-up organized by  my dear friend Amity (Yes, we must hang out on ALL the coast). I got to meet more lovely sewing ladies too. Let’s see if I can get them all, Laurie, Laura, (I, of course verbally mixed their names up, thinking to hard about not doing that, looking like dork) Kathy, Kaoru, Jeanette and Angela. I really hope I did not miss anyone. We had a really good time. I hope we get to do this again. I really like hanging out with apparel sewist. San Diego if anything is more of a quilter community, so it gets a little lonely.

As usual, I did not take too many pictures while I was in NYC or LA because I was too caught up in the moments, but here some that I found on my camera. These shots were taken in NYC just before I was about to leave to head back home.

Lauren and I: I think my eyeliner matches Lauren’s hair

The Lady I traveled across the country to meet: Lauren. I promise you she doesn’t look high in real life. She is way more adorable than I could have imagined. I am trying to talking her into a West Coast visit. Starting in San Diego and working her way up the Coast.

Clare & I

What an Bonus: Clare was such a treat to get to meet. Quite the sweetheart, great company and pretty darn funny.

Ginger and I

Ginger, is on my list of people I would blindly follow on an adventure. She is that awesome.

Devra and I

The last time I went to NYC, I got to meet the awesome Devra, but this time I actually got to hang out with her and get to know more about her. Which I am happy I did. She is unicorn and that’s pretty awesome.

Let’s be honest, a large portion of this community is pretty darn awesome. Jennifer made a lovely post here about it. I completely agree with her post. I am super glad I got to send time with the ladies in both NYC and L.A. last month. It was a great experience that I hope will happen again.

Now on to the treats. Besides fabric, I came home with some lovely spoils from NYC.


Host gift from Airbnb
Host gift from Airbnb

At one of the Airbnb places that I stayed at, my host provide everything I could need for my stay. The yummy chocolate bar is the only thing I ended up taking with me.

Gift from Clare

Clare had asked if anyone wanted anything from GB and I was quick to think about Jaffa Cakes. We have an American knock-off call Pims, but I really wanted to try the real deal. I am a huge SPACED (tv show) fan, hence the request.

Gift from Oona

The lovely Oona, got me a late birthday gift. She knows I love cute Asian things, so this was a great gift. The page markers can be found all over my pattern books.

Gift from Maddie
Gift from Maddie

Maddie stop by Mood for a few hours, which was a treat since I really wanted to meet her. Before she left the group to go home, she handed out some beautiful vintage buttonhole twist.

NYC Fabric
Non Jekyll & Hyde fabric purchase

Minus, the very top fabric,  here’s the fabric that I purchased in NYC that was not related to my school project. I have plans for all the above except the last one. No pictures of the Jekyll & Hyde fabric since they are just black or white fabric, which isn’t that exciting.

Well this post has gotten way too long and I won’t torment you all anymore, today. 😉

Devra inspired me to do a weekly post related to my school project, so look forward to that post coming soon.

Fabric Chat (NYC)

So as promised, I am sharing with you my New York City fabric scores. In no particular order, here goes:

Everything is silk unless otherwise noted.

Lovely Navy lace that really wanted to come home with me

I am thinking of turning the blue lace into a self-draft pencil skirt. I have my own sloper with my measurements, which will make it easy for me to make into a pencil skirt.

The detail is hard to photograph, but it is really nice

This is some kind of light weight cotton with interesting  a leaf details. Not really sure what I should make with this. Thought? This could be an Anna, maybe?

More left prints

I really love this fabric. I  am pretty sure this should be a long sleeve blouse.

Has a lovely touch

This fabric is the fabric that was going to replace the specific fabric I was looking for, so now it can be anything.

Gifted to me

So this fabric, I did not actually get in NYC but I got it on my return back to San Diego, from my friend who I ended up Loft/Pet-sitting for the day I got back into town. It’s only a yard, so I might make it into a lining for a bag or something. What should I do with it?

Okay, now for the main event.  So a while back I saw somewhere this blouse that had this flying bird design. I searched high and low for the fabric. No luck. I even seen the shirt from RTW stores floating around the real world. In NYC, while I was in one of the stores looking for this fabric, the one girl helping had the print I wanted. She said she got it from H&M or Forever 21. I gave her mad side-eye when she was not looking (she was helping us btw, had to be polite). So yeah, this is the lovely fabric that I ended up buying.

My special fabric

Sure this fabric is sheer, but come on. Too Yummy to care

So sheer, you can see the lines in my hand.
Birds birds flying everywhere

So what do I plan to make it into? Yup, Pattern Runway‘s Pussy Bow Blouse. Too cute, if I may say so.

Pussy Bow Blouse by Pattern Runway

Now, it is time to share with you the fabric that I fell in love with at first sight.

Wool from Italy

Isn’t it just gorgeous? Don’t you want to wrap yourself in it. I want to wrap myself in it everyday.


Someone ask if I am making dress, but if I make it into a dress I can’t wear it everyday. So I am thinking of making a hoodie or perhaps a pullover sweater. Not sure what will be better. Hoodie or Sweater?


So Yummy.