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Burdastyle and pressing matters

The skirt that I made for my best friend (that is not finished, ssh) has been posted on Burdastyle as part of the Sew Along in September. If you get a chance, please vote here.

The skirt is the 5th one in the slide show. I am working to get a better photo posted.  Oh, you have to be a burdastyle member to vote.

Last night, not too much progress was made during class. We spent most of the time watching a movie about Pressing. I spent the rest of the class ironing 5 yards of the fashion fabric and then 2 yards of lining.  Not terribly exciting. It was fairly interesting to use the steamer and very noisy.

Oh, I also rotated my shoulder dart. It was driving me nuts. Now it will be in my back armhole, kind of like this. I like this much better than the dart in the shoulder back.

This weekend I plan to finish up the above skirt. Hand stitch the tail end of the zipper and do the hem. I also need to work on my friend’s shorts, while cleverly getting his head measurements for a birthday present. In my mind, all I want to do is just sleep all weekend.

How about you? What are your plans?


It’s Sunday and at this point I will not be finish my dress in time for the contest. I have been in an annoyed mood all weekend, which is not related to sewing but with people in my life.

I was working on the hem on the mock up and it looks like the back is not long enough in the back to create the right look in the front. I don’t want to hack up more in the front to make it work, because too much would be exposed. On top of that I still need to work on the folds. The silk dupoini has yet to be pre-shrunken. I have only done a hand-washed and I still want to do a machine-wash sample.

So alas *sigh*


So I guess I should try to enjoy the rest of my long weekend.

All up to me now.

This weekend I came across a problem while trying to cut out the back of the panic dress. There was a sway back adjustment done to the pattern piece. A sway back is when your lower back curves inward and your booty sticks out. Now while I am laying out the pattern onto the fabric there is a huge pucker. I was hoping to get my teacher’s help on solving this issue but I found out this morning that there is no class tonight. I won’t see my teacher until June 1. The contest is over on May 30. 😦

I at least think I have figured out the folding front yoke, see.

The plan is to cut the mock up the best I can, if it does not work then I’ll take out the tuck and deal with it. I only have 5 days to have a finish piece, so I don’t have time to be picky about Fit.

Winning Garment

With less than a month away to start making the garment I will be using for Pattern Review’s “Knock-Off Contest -2011”, I believe it is time for me to start drafting the pattern. The month of the contest is no time for me to be figuring out drafting the garment. The first thing is picking which garment to Knock-Off. I asked several of my friends and associates which one they would like to see me Knock- Off and the winning garment is the Panic Dress.

I am not  sold like everyone else on the Panic Dress. Don’t get  me wrong I still like the dress. However, anything that does not separate my thighs from each other is no fun wearing.  But fair is fair and most people voted for the Panic Dress, therefore I will be making the Panic Dress. My teacher thinks it is probably the easiest to make out of all the garments. So thanks guys for picking the easy project. 😀

I really fell in love with the Rocket Top, it would look perfect on my body. Also the Neutron Pants are just awesome pants to have. I hope to make those other garments in the future. I can’t afford Dogstar pricing, but I’ll make the time to get those looks for myself.

Okay, back to the Panic Dress… Well there is two ways I can approach starting this project. I can A.) Look all over the internet in hopes that I find a pattern similar to the dress or B.)  I can draft it from scratch. I decided that I would search the internet for a similar dress first and if I come up short I would just make the dress from scratch.

I got lucky and found this New Look pattern that is fairly close to the Panic Dress. An extra bonus is that the Recommended fabrics are fabrics I would used to make the Panic Dress, and probably what the original was made out of. So now I am more exciting to do this.

New Look 6779

Looks like sewing will take over my life this year. I have at least 1 blouse to complete by June, the Knock-Off contest and also I am designing and constructing an outfit for my friend Melissa.  I also want to make stuff for my living room, like pillows and such. Gotta stay busy.

Books and Things

This month, I’ve been book shopping crazy. I love buying craft and sewing books, great references to have on hand when you get stuck on a project.  They are also great for inspiration. I have 4 new books and I am excited to dig through them.

In the mail today, I received a book called ‘Nancy’s Favorite 101 Notions,’ it is by Nancy Zieman. I won it from a BurdaStyle Contest back in either January or February. It’s a cute book, I hope to find some new notions. It would also be nice to know what some things are used for that I have come across at the fabric store. Like a Wood Wedge Iron.

This weekend, I went to Borders and I left with two fashion related books for myself. They are not really about sewing but more geared toward fashion design.

The first book I purchase is ‘200 Projects To Get You Into Fashion Design’ by Tracy Fitzgerald and Adrian Grandon. I have not  gotten a chance to look through this book fully, but the first couple of projects are super basic. Workout 1: Choosing a Sketchbook. As a former Fine Art Student, I have a bunch of Sketchbooks around the apartment. The questions for me is, should I use a new one or should I just use one of my old sketchbooks? If I do get a new one, what size should I get? I might just use an old sketchbook, so there is less things to consider. I do want to buy a book for just fabric samples. Okay back on topic! The book looks like it will be a fun book. Of course I will post the projects I complete up on the blog.

The second book that I purchase is ‘Essential Fashion Illustration’ by Maite Lafuente. I got through the whole book over the weekend. It is mostly  illustrations and some text. I just need to sit down and practice some of the illustrations in the books. I think I want to start off with experimenting with watercolors. Using watercolors for Fashion Illustration looks really nice. I want to try to stir away from using pencils, I need to be more free with my drawings. I would also love to do some marker illustrations.  I really should master using markers as a medium.

The book is also very useful on how to draw the human form and poses.

Okay finally, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a book called Pattern Magic 2. I don’t own the first Pattern Magic book, but I like the designs of the second one better. After scanning over the book and talking to some classmates. I think I should purchase the first book as well. Looking at the first project, I am already confused. The problem might also just be in the translation.

I still would love to try out something from this book.

So far on the poll front regarding what garment I should knock off.

3 votes for the Panic Dress

1 vote for panic top + Neutron pants

1 vote for the Rocket top

1 vote for Juno Singlet + Mutiny pants

I am leaning towards the Rocket top. I think I would look great on my figure. We’ll see.

What should I make?

I signed up for a sewing contest. The contest is  ‘Knock Off Contest’ with Pattern Review. You have to create a garment that is inspired by either a Ready-to-Wear line,  from the runway or any garment seen worn or pictured. The contest starts May 1st and ends May 31st. I can draft, tweak and make a muslin of the garment before the start date but I can not lay out or cut the fabric before the start date of the contest. I think this will be really fun project to execute. I am not interested so much in winning the prize but actually completing the assignment, but of course, it would be awesome to win.

I am trying to decided which garment I should create for the contest. I am loving Dogstar clothing line. It is a shame that their stores are on the other side of the world and are on the expensive end.

Which do you think I should Knock Off?

A.)  Panic Top + Neutron Pants

B.) Panic Dress

C.) Rocket Top + Vertiago Pants

D.) Juno Singlet + Mutiny Pants