Colette Pattern gift set

This past weekend one of my friends had a birthday, so I decided to make her some sleepwear.

So I made a Sorbetto Top with matching  Madeleine Mini Bloomers by Colette Patterns.

I used fabric from my stash and I am thinking it is from a trip up to LA. I believe the fabric is a rayon. The fabric shifts like hell, it was such a pain. I used pre-made bias binding for the neck and armhole finish. I hate making bias binding and probably would have pulled my hair out if I had made it using the fashion fabric. I purchased white ribbon that was 1/4 bigger than required and I adjusted the buttonhole opening to accommodate the change. Because I was not paying attention my waistband stitches are slightly different. The 2nd and 4th stitching line are 1/4 apart instead of 3/8 apart. Oops! My friend (and her bf) loved them and the fit of the bloomers were great.

Sorry that the above photo is the only one I have of the set. I am supposed to get picture of it with the owner, but not sure when that will happen, since a camera was broken.

I would like to make the bloomers for myself, for a lounge wear.  I probably would have to adjust the rise for my rear end. I also might make them with either elastic in the leg or without the gather in the leg all together.

Currently on my cutting table is the Anna Dress pattern from By Hand London. I hope to finish by the time I go to NYC.  I do plan to make another one, perhaps not as fancy as the one I am working on, which is being made from lace. By Hand London is hosting a sew-a-long and you should join.


I hope to have a bunch of stuff to share with you in September, so stay tune.


What do you have on your cutting/sewing table? Do you plan to make the Anna Dress?


9 thoughts on “Colette Pattern gift set”

    1. Lol, depending on the friend. I have been sitting on the sports coat for another friend for like a year. So bad.

      I have 2 more pieces to cut out. Maybe 4 if I use the facings, which I kind of don’t want to.

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