Sewing Dare: Completed


The lovely Gillian of Crafting A Rainbow gave me the above dare and today, Saturday, I finally bucket down to working on it. I had decided that I wanted to make pillow covers. I was supposed to make them a LONG TIME ago, but never got around to it. Even after I got the dare I still sat on not making the pillows.


Last week, I took a break on sewing and just took it easy (Fringe Marathons), since I have been going full charge this month. A simple project is the best solution to sewing/life overload.


Both fabrics were purchased at Ikea. Ikea has a lot of fabric that I am just in love with. I picked the orange fabric because I wanted something different for myself and something that would pop against the black futon/couch. As for the black and white stripes, well, I love stripes and thought it would be great coordinated print.


I was planning to make pillows covers with a zipper but came across a pillow cover that had an overlay with button closure. Now there was no need for me to get fancy with adding buttons, so I kept it simple.


I am mostly happy with the way the pillow covers came out. I wish that the stripes lined up better. I think if my pillow forms were fuller (I laid on them a lot), then they would line up at the overlay. Oh well, I don’t think anyone will notice much.

So yay to me finally having proper throw pillows and not just pillow forms tossed on my couch. Thank you Gillian for the kick in the butt dare, to get me making my new apartment more like home.


12 thoughts on “Sewing Dare: Completed”

  1. What a cool combination of fabrics! The orange looks so good against the stripes and the black. Way to go on the Sewing Dare! I’ll update your date on the master Dare list!

  2. Lovely pillows, great colour combinations. I also have a lot of Ikea fabric. I recently made and blogged about a skirt I made with one fabric. And, am planning to make a totebag out of some other fabric I have.

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