MMM13: Week One Round-up & Sorbetto


This week marked the first week of Me-Made-May and if you read my last post, you would have saw my pledge to wear 2 garments a week. I actually wore 3 garments this week because I jumped the gun and wore something on Tuesday thinking it was May. I did not realize until the end of day that it was still April. D’oh. I really liked my outfit on Tuesday too, but I’ll just have to wear it again later in the month.


May 1: I rocked my just off the sewing machine Colette Sorbetto Blouse, with a pair of jeans from JcPenny and Kaydon Boots from Blowfish. I will give a little more detail about the blouse after the round up.


May 2: Today, I am wearing a skirt I made many moons ago, when I used to live back East. I have not worn this skirt in a very long time. I think I found it after last years MMM. I find it funny that it fits nicely, since I used to make clothes a couple inches too big when I started sewing. Actually, it is not funny, I blame Cali and Mexican food.


I absolutely fell in love with this fabric. light-weight and flowy. I believe it is a rayon, definitely has a rayon feel to it. I think I am the only one that loves rayon, but I do not like to sew with rayon. It is a bit of a bastard. Anyway, When I made this I just wanted to showcase the pots in the simplest way. The border print was printed on to the fabric and the gold areas were painted or screen printed on. It is very lovely and I probably should have hand-wash the skirt to make sure the gold did not flake off.


Isn’t that just cool?

Okay, now back to the Sorbetto blouse.


This is my first Sorbetto and first project I made by Colette Patterns. I have several patterns in my collection from them, so why has it taken me so long to make something. Your guess is as good as mines. For this blouse, I decided to just cut it straight with no alterations except adding sleeves. The fit is pretty good. I decided that I want to be lazy and just trace and cut the size close to my actual measurements. So yeah, not a bad fit for no fit alterations. However, the next version I do plan to make some changes to make a better fit.

  • Shorten the bust dart (I think it is too long)
  • Add overall length (I do not like having to tug it down.)
  • Shorten the front armhole. I think it is screaming for a armhole dart.

Oddly, but not too surprising this shirt was not as easy as it should have been. It started out easy. I decided to be fancy and do a french seam. I am so proud of myself. I have only done samples of french seams, but near actually used them in a garment.


The trouble came when I tried to make the bias tape. I hate cutting, so making my own bias strips are capital EVIL. For cereal-o. I might have had a cosmo and tasty Italian food in my system when I was working on the bias strips, but never mind that. Evil. I tried to do the continuous bias strip method and I did something wrong and that did not work out. I tried it twice. Using the strips that I got from the fail attempt, I made them using the piecing method. Attaching the bias strips to the neckline would have a decent time, expect my bias strips were not the best, so I am not as happy with the neck edge. Which lead me to REALLY want to add in sleeves.

I ended up making two pairs of sleeves since the pattern that I downloaded from Sew Weekly was not the same as my arm sleeve. So, I want to warn you to check before you cut.

Oh and don’t you love the fabric? Yeah me too. I got it at Discount Fabric, which is around the corner from my house. *GRINS*  It feels like a linen, but i can’t actually recall what it really is. Very easy to sew. I might have to buy some more of this fabric.

The next Sorbetto, of course there will be a next, will be in a polka-a-dot with purchase bias tape. I love polk-a-dot.

Well, I am going to wrap this up. I hope you all have a great weekend.

How is your MMM13 going?


8 thoughts on “MMM13: Week One Round-up & Sorbetto”

  1. You look so beautiful! Congrats on the french seams! Hey, if you are blessed enough to be in an area with good food, take advantage, I say! All we really have out where I live are franchises for the most part. Haha.
    …now I’m hungry.

  2. do you live in the mission? About to make my 1st sorbetto with sleeves, minus the matching bias – not brave enough for that yet…….think I may try and put it on inside though?? will MMM13 it later

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