Fashionably Late to the Party: Me-Made-May ’13

I was really on the fence about joining Me-Made-May this year. I do not have a great collection of me-made items to fill up a month’s worth of wear and I did not want to do the same exact challenge that I did last year (1 item a week). However, I did want to join in on the fun and deadlines seems to be great motivation for me, so I am caving in. I have some project lined up, that should be quick

mmay13 I, Trice of Sewtell (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavor to wear me-made garments twice a week  for the duration of May 2013.

I am planning to post here once a week on what I wore and probably will be posting on instagram, twitter and maybe flickr the day I wear my Me-Made garment.

Is there anyone else planning to do Me-Made-May?


10 thoughts on “Fashionably Late to the Party: Me-Made-May ’13”

  1. I wish I had enough pieces to be able to join. Haha. I only have the two dresses so far. Maybe if I tried making one garment a week? That actually sounds like an idea there… thanks!

    I can’t wait to see what you choose to wear! 😀

    1. Last year I did one garment a week. I made two in time to complete the month. Perhaps you can try that. I have several tops I want to complete for this month.

  2. If you can do it, I am sure I can make myself do it, too! Are you still working on that Collette pattern? I think that was the one you mentioned on Instagram?

    1. Yes, need to finish the neck and the armholes. The Self-made bias tape is giving me problems. The second top I will use packaged bias tape.

      1. I didn’t even know ‘self-made’ bias tape was even possible until about a month ago! Haha. I’m such a noob! There is no way, with or without packed bias tape that they cannot come out any less than fabulous. 😀 I cannot wait to see your unveiling of them!

  3. I’m not planning to do it this year – I was sick for most of April and my sewing was on hold. I will be cheering you on though….

  4. I’m on it this year too! Probably just posting pix once a week on d blog, and will try to do so daily on Flickr. Hope to do better than last yr! 🙂 look fwd to see what u gonna share..

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