I recently decided to join twitter. Okay, that is not entirely true. I already have a personal twitter account but I did not have one for my sewing blog. So what I really did was make another account for SewTell. Feel free to add me here. There seems to be some fun things happening and I don’t want to miss out. I made some awesome friends in the sewing community and I want to make some more. Yes, I am being greedy.

I have been working more on my sloper. I sewed up a muslin for it last night (posted on twitter). I have one of my sewing machines at my new apartment. Sadly I forgot to pack my feet for that machine, so I ended up sewing the whole thing using an invisible zipper foot, while standing. Yes, standing. Was not fun.

Oh yeah, I have a new apartment. I signed the lease on the 16th and I have been living there since last Tuesday. I am also still at my old apartment which is currently being used as a “work studio”.  I’ll probably post a little more about it in another post.

Has anyone tried sewing using the wrong “tools” and has not completely failed using them?

Anyone else using twitter? Any suggestions on who I should follow?

Have a great day everyone.


8 thoughts on “Tweet”

  1. Yay, congrats on the new apartment!!! I think I use the “wrong” tools all the time. haha. In my book, if it gets the job done it can’t be a fail, hence it can’t really be wrong in the first place. Right?

    p/s: my husband told me to use twitter also, but i can barely keep up with my personal FB, what else twitter. But who knows, maybe I would, and then I would def follow you 😉

    1. Thank you!!!
      Most of the time FB bores me, but there’s not too many crafters in my timeline. I see a lot of whining and chain-mail type things. Tho today is an exciting FB day.
      I think the biggest meh was trying to sew the darts.
      I agree with your husband. Join us. 😉 Perhaps I’ll see if I can put a twitter widget on my blog and you can follow that way. 🙂

  2. Impressed with your determination to sew 🙂 congrats on the new apartment. And like Far, I have enough ‘coming at me’ already…so won’t be twittering …just yet…

    1. Thanks. It was either use what I got or take a bus trip to my old apartment. Easy decision. Well when you do decided to join twitter, I would love to follow you.

  3. Trice good on you sewing with what you had on hand. Recently I sewed with laminated cotton for the first time and didn’t have a Teflon foot. A quick google search and I ended up popping some masking tape on my regular foot and just under it on my machine. Ta-dah! I also like hand sewing alot, I find its very therapeutic so for small fix-its I ditch the machine and sew by hand.

    Enjoy your new apartment – moving is hell but a new home is heaven.

  4. Hey. I just started following you. You’d be surprised at how many sewists are on Twitter now. Feel free to look my Following list and you’ll see some familiar names. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging.
    Happy Sewing and Tweeting

  5. You actually inspired me to make a Twitter! I don’t have a personal Twitter, so I thought my blog and the friends made there might get me actually find myself enjoying the platform!

    And congratulations on the new apartment! I’m sure getting everything carried over and settled in its place is a pain right now. Haha.

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