Google Reader go bye-bye


By now, everyone probably knows that Google Reader is on its way out. This upsets me because I really love Google Reader. I like the layout, and that most of time I don’t have to click out of the site unless I wanted to comment or for some reason the website will only let you preview.

I am not a huge fan of Bloglovin, but I do have an account and all my Google Reader subscriptions has been imported to Bloglovin. However, I plan to use feedly. Feedly works real nice on my phone and you can use it in the Chrome browser.  I just started using the Chrome version. I really like it a lot so far. BONUS!! Google Reader transfers over seamlessly, you can log in using your Google account. You all should check them out.

You can follow me on Bloglovin, just click the link below:

Follow on Bloglovin



Or you can use another Rss service, like Feedly and use the below link to follow me.

Rss Link (


Have a good Friday


2 thoughts on “Google Reader go bye-bye”

  1. Trice, I am also upset reading about Google Reader on the other blogs. I just got myself Bloglovin account and added the widget on my blog page. Man, I am slow to pick up trends and such… 🙂 Wouldn’t have noticed re the google reader going kaput if a few of my favorite blogs didn’t mention it.

    1. I found out via Google Reader, it popped up when I opened it. Bloglovin let’s you know when other are following you, I just wish I could follow them back… no address. 😦

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