Red Handed

I just told a friend that I might not be making post for awhile because of things going on in my personal life and that my sewing mojo is on a very low flame. However, its seems that the universe has other ideas in mind.

This weekend I picked up the Sewaholic Thurlow pants that I have been working on this past fall semester. I had planned to take out the basting stitches so I would stop making the pants into a skirt. Don’t ask. I took out two stitches and the pants are just sitting on my couch. Is removing two stitches still considered a start?

I am back logged in what I should share with everyone. I’m actually very disappointed in myself for not posting the last birthday gift that I received last year. It was super special. Ms. Oona sent a lovely package full of goodies. From fabric, a pattern, trims to music, chocolate, lotion and band-aids. Each item had a note attached to it, this was MY xmas. I definitely had a smile on my face for days after receiving this package. Thanks again Oona.


I live in California alone, my family are all back East or in the Caribbean. However, I was taken in by two families since I moved here. So I usually get two holiday celebrates for Thanksgiving and Xmas. At one house we do secret santa. This year, the person I had, was someone I didn’t really know and she only listed on her holiday list that she wanted a lunch bag. I did a little digging and found out that she liked unicorns and the Cowboys. So I made her a Cowboy lunch sack. I used the Lunch Sack tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home. I had planned to add a unicorn charm to the bag but completely dropped the ball on that one. Dropped the ball, Ha.. Oh nevermind that was kind of lame.


The lunch sack is made out of cotton novelty fabric. The sack is lined with a  gray nylon fabric to wipe away spills easily. The flap and open edge of the sack are trimmed with white double fold bias tape and I use velrco for the closure.  Finished off with topstitching the edges. Overall this was a fast make.

Since my last semester was crazy with work, school and holiday madness, I decided to take this semester off. I was supposed to take draping this semester but I just do not have it in me to do so.  What do I plan to do with my free evenings? Well right now I plan, to start working on a dress that I designed last semester in my flat patternmaking class. I made a half-size mock-up so now I want to make a full-size to make as a dress to wear at my friend’s wedding in April. I think it is a great dress for busty ladies. I won’t post pictures of the design or the finished mock-up, but I will post teasers until the dress is completed.  Let me say you will not be disappointed when it is revealed. I already have people lined up for there very own. Yes, I am a jerk for not sharing, but stick around.

I am also revisiting  the tailored jacket for my best guy friend. I recently did another fitting (which I post a photo of in my last post) with him. I think I am making progress on getting a good fit. I hope this jacket ends up being as awesome as we both envision it being.

Finally I am working on making bras. I really need to finish the one I have on my sewing table, as well as taking measurements from my victims sample models. If anyone knows someone who lives in San Diego or L.A. area that fits in the small band/mega cups category (over DD cups, but smaller than a 40 band) and does not mind being a sample model, please tell them to contact me. I am starting a sample model/client list. sewtell[dot]trice[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks!

I feel super busy already. Am I the only one that feels life can be overwhelming most of the time?


11 thoughts on “Red Handed”

  1. Latrice you are a doll! How fab is your cowboy lunchbag? I love it. I understand about sewing mojo / life balance .. Have had amy butler liverpool dress in pieces, at various locations around the house, for weeks. i guess i think if i move it to the sofa, the kitchen table, the bedroom dresser…i’ll magically have time/energy to finish the collar..Lol. I think micro steps are important at this time. One stitch today, one in a fortnight. See how you go!

    1. Aww Victoria, you are sweet.
      Balancing life just makes me want to crawl under blankets. hehe
      Last night I took a big step, I think.. I got my upper body measured so I can draft my own patterns. Eck.
      I have a hard time taking micro steps, for some reason I am always trying to leap. 🙂

    1. You know what’s funny, during the day I do get inspired by the sewing blogs and my obsession with Asian culture, but I am stuck behind the desk. Many times I wanted to walk out and go home and make something. By the time I get home, I am just drained.
      Part of the problem is I have so many projects and its hard to pick which to work on. You know.
      Again congrats on the pattern line. I am so happy for you.

  2. ah, two stitches is a start!! aren’t you itching to start on that fabulous dress?

    i find that pinterest gets my jo back too. only, i have to stop after 15 minutes, or the jo turns back to slo…

    1. lol, yes. Monday I just had my upper body measured so I can start making myself a sloper.
      I get inspired at work and by the time I get home BAM.. it’s all about the couch and blanket.
      I also need to add more lighting in my sewing area. I moved it recently but its so dark in that area. The setup is pretty nice tho. Hopefully my next place has great lighting (and space) (and bare floors). lol

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