What’s underneath?

To follow-up from the last time, I want to share with everyone the rest of my birthday presents. I got such good treats this year.

I was completely surprised about the jar of buttons, such a surprising fun gift. My quilter friend, got me some nice Ginger Embroidery Scissors and a pack of Microtex needles (not shown).   The scissors are already getting good use.  Susan from Knitters Delight got me an Amazon gift card, which lead to the purchase of a book I have been dying to get my hands on since, I decided that I wanted to start my own companies (yes plural). I’ve had my eyes on Kathleen Fasanella’s The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Products Manufacturing for a while now. I have not really cracked into this book yet but I really look forward to reading it. Finally, my friend Jen got me The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online by Kari Chaplin and Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Schaffer.

I have start reading The Handmade Marketplace and I wished I had time right now to truly dive into the book.  It looks to be a really go resource/reference book. Sadly, I can’t say that I am impressed with Couture Sewing Techniques. Nothing stands out for me in this book, maybe once I sit down and read through it, I’ll find something I love. Does anyone else have this book? Thoughts?

Last month, I treated myself to several major purchases. A new dressform AND the Fabulous Fit. The Fabulous Fit is kind of awesome. It comes with foam padding that you put on your dressform to create a custom shape. I need some extra padding (or slim down) to get my perfect fit, but I am very close, by like an inch or two here and there. I need to make the full bust an inch bigger, the derriere longer and flatter at the bottom and then a bit more stomach. She kind of looks hot as is, right? Curvy and all. lol

On my dressform, you can see a sneak peek of the Renfrew I am working on. I attached the cowl neck yesterday and now I need to take the seam ripper to it. I serger it on and it came out a disaster  which killed my sewing mojo for the rest of the Sunday.

Tho, my sewing mojo was leaning towards fading before I even started on the Renfrew. I started my day by sewing this puppies up.

(if the picture is smaller, does that make them look smaller?)

This weekend I spent time making my first pair of underwear. The weekend before last, I attended a demo on how to make slips and panties.  So I was inspired to make my first pair, then after the class I ran to Yardage town to buy some nylon tricot. There was two colors in the nylon tricot. Red and Blue and the red happened to be sheer. I actually like sheer underwear, so it works out for me. The pattern I am using is from Cloth Habit, it’s her Rosy Ladyshorts. The pattern is simple, you only have to cut out two pattern pieces. I love the fit on the nylon tricot version.

I made a knit version to check the size, without finishing the edging because I didn’t want to use the lingerie elastic I had on hand. The knit version feels a little loose but that might be because there is no elastic in the waist and legs. My only complaint about the pattern is I wish the leg was cut a little deeper in the front.

I do plan to make some more underwear: bras, “ladyshorts” and slips. My first bra is already on my sewing table. I am in the process of doing a 1/8 topstitch on the upper cup. I need to mark the 1/8 line on the cup so I can keep up with how nice the stitching is coming out. I definitely was not going to touch the bra after my Renfrew mishap.

So what did I do when my sewing mojo burnt out? I pulled out my knitting needles. Let me tell you, it’s been years and the proof of it is how many times I had to start over. Knitting is a perfect excuse to make holiday presents.

What do you do when your sewing mojo is burnt?


3 thoughts on “What’s underneath?”

  1. When my sewjo is on holiday I bring it back by diving into a fast easy sewing project. It usually sparks my sewing love and gets me going.

    You got some great goodies. That dress form looks pretty awesome!

  2. Re: the couture book- I find my best sewing details and finishing work in vintage sewing books from the 40s and 50s. Women took the time (pride in their work) for details back then so clothing didn’t look homemade. I find the books at tag and estate sales but suppose many could be found on eBay or Amazon.
    But I’d really like to know where the fabric comes from used in Colette’s sewing tip re: pressing. It’s gorgeous!

    1. My friend owns an excellent couture book, the name slips my mind however.

      I can not claim the fabric used in the newsletter, that is a Colette image.

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