Another Year Older

Pineapple Coconut Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

This past Friday was my birthday. Another year I get to enjoy people thinking I am in my 20’s but really being in my 30’s. I did exactly as I had plan; take the day off, have dinner with my friends and then dance.

As one of the many treats I gave myself, I made myself a birthday dress. The pattern I used for my dress was  Pattern Runway’s Easy Kimono Dress. It was simple to put together, which is how I managed to sew it in a day. It is not completely finished, I did skip understitching the neckline and hemming up 3- 1/8. But I did understitch the armhole and made the hem 3/8.

Birthday Dress side view

Birthday Dress front view

I do plan to make the dress shorter by the 3-1/8 inches like in the pattern directions . I would also like to do some hand sewing to keep the facing from falling out. The facing kept popping out all night. Which was a pain, since the dress was fairly comfortable to wear.

The pattern did not come in my size.  So, I grade the dress up a size from a Large. I want to say it was 1/4 or 1/2 at the side seams. I sewed up a quick mock-up on the night before my birthday and realized that the skirt was too tight and that I want to make the bodice a little longer. I added about 2-1/4 inches to the the side seams from my hips down and then an inch in the bodice to give it more length.

I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it and I knew what kind of dress it should be. I searched high and low and finally came across Pattern Runway. I purchased the pattern even though it was not in my size. I figured I could make some adjustments to get it to fit. I really do love this dress and have plans to make another. I just wish the facing would behave and it seems that my fabric is fraying where the needle pierced into them seams. So it looks like this dress will be treated with delicate care. Does anyone know how I can keep it from doing so? The problem is not the raw edge, that was serged.

At birthday dinner

Oh, look who showed up at my birthday dinner wearing a knit version of my dress. I am still giving you the side eye, Susan.

Gift of Buttons

Isn’t that awesome? One of my friends got me a jar of buttons. What a cool gift with some really cool buttons in there. I don’t have much of a button collections and I was not very happy with the one I had on hand for my dress, but now I am all set. Most of my gifts were awesome sewing related gifts (and food), which is perfect. I have more gifts to share with everyone once they all arrive.

I had a blast on my birthday, like I said, great friends, good food, dancing and Oonaballoona. Oh wait, I did not mention that did I? No, Oona was not there physically but she was there in spirit or movie/tv form. The bar I was at happened to be playing Death Proof on the tv. It seems pretty fitting that I would see her at a bar. What a great birthday.

P.S. I hope everyone is safe on the east coast.


7 thoughts on “Another Year Older”

  1. Happy happy birthday! 🙂 Looks like you had a blast too 🙂 I really love your dress, must look up the pattern. I am not sure if you mentioned the fabric type, but I assume it is not a knit since you noted that your friend Susan was wearing a knit version. How about trying a new needle, a sharper needle (microtex) if it’s fine woven fabric? I’m not sure your specific situation, but when I sew and the fabric fray where the stitch are i change my needles to sharper ones and it is better..

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I thought that was a new needle but maybe not. I think when I use that fabric again, I’ll use a microtex. I had a size 11 microtex and it seemed too big a needle. The fabric is like a chiffon. It will make a nice sleeveless top or scarf.

  2. ‘triiiiiiiiiiiice!!! did you get my stupid facebook post? i sent you a virtual flower last friday from my iphone app before all hell broke loose over here.

    maybe this is a theme we need to continue. i’m always hovering over a bar with you.

    your birthday sounds like it was rocking. i so wish i could’ve been there to dance with you. i would have helped you steal that dress from susan. though yours is gorgeous! but the birthday girl gets what the birthday girl wants.

    (maybe skipping the understitching is making the facing misbehave? i hate facings, i would just cut that shit out. fray check for the seams?)

    1. I did get the virtual flowers and I loved them. I hope when I texted you late on friday it did not wake up or anything. I was super excited. Every time I would point to show my friends you were on the tv, the movie would cut to someone else, so you only appear to me. So I think that IS are theme. Special request: can you sing next time? That’s my favorite.

      Will I am at Susan’s house now, maybe I can steal it before I leave. It’s a knit to so it might fit.

      I like how the facing looks when its not being a b…..

      I am glad to hear you are okay, you were going to get a phone call soon if you were still on radio silence.

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