Second McCall’s 6559 Maxi Dress (Nightmare Dress)

I know you probably have some questions about my title, I got answers.

Yup this is my second Maxi Dress for the McCall pattern 6559.  The first one I’ll be wearing on July 4th. I wanted to make a dress in the spirit of Wicked: The Musical. LOL, no I did not nail it on this one. I just could not find anything. This fabric was a nightmare to work with. I got one shoulder seam in  okay and the second one put my sewing machine out of commission for the day. Actually let me rewind a little.

The first version I cut out a size 18 all round but a 22 for the neckline.  I also raised the hem a little by no particular measurement. Just need to even out the hem. The first version was a breeze to put together, even though it still needs a hem.

The second version was when all the nightmares started to happen. I traced out a size 16 for most of it, add 1.5″ to the front neckline. It took me forever to get it layout and ended up sacrificing more length. I got one shoulder seam sewn and then my machine was not happy anymore. Right now, the drop-in bobbin case is sitting on my table. It’s on time-out for all that tangle action that it was doing. I tried to use my second machine just to realize my zigzag foot is missing. Not very happy about that since it is a much older machine. So I try my hand at using the serger to sew up the dress. Which worked alright except it kept gathering a bit in the neck and armhole. The gathering became a real problem when I went to turn under the seams. I think I will add the fold over elastic to the neck and armhole later. I did not get to hem the dress, but I hate hem and try to avoid it at all cost.

My third maxi, I might go down a size either all around or just in the waist. Possible raise the neckline more as well as the armhole (no peek-a-boo action here please).

I was explaining to the people, that I was not in Wicked and they need not take my photo. Actually, I think I was giving my friend a hard time regard how long it took him to take a picture. There was a lot of people gathering to take a picture where I was standing so I was ready to get out of there. Not a fan of crowds and too many eyes on me.

Well I am really excited to rock my first maxi dress and I’ll make sure I get some pictures taken to share with everyone after the short break.

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July or good Wednesday.

PS. Btw Wicked was an awesome show. We had great seats and didn’t have to pay $100+ for them. If you have not seen Wicked yet, I would highly recommend catching it.


7 thoughts on “Second McCall’s 6559 Maxi Dress (Nightmare Dress)”

  1. you look gorgeous!!! i dont have the pattern, but might try to come up with one, once we find an apartment that is. cant wait to see your 4th of july version!

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