Prada’s Fall/Winter Campaign


I am not really into high-fashion design houses or what not, but Prada’s new collection for men caught my attention. The new collection is supposedly steampunk influence, which is a genre that I find interesting. The models in the campaign are Gary Oldman, Willem Defoe and some other younger gentleman. They look very handsome.

The men’s collection is much more exciting than the woman’s collection.


It makes me feel like polyester is screaming at me and I am not anti-polyester either. Also, the women look a little creepy and not in a good way like Willem Dafoe.

It is kind of exciting to see men’s fashion being more impressive than woman’s.  I must admit, I am a sucker for a guy in a suit. Plus, since I’ve taken tailoring class, tailored suits have a special place in my heart.

To see more of the collection check out Prada’s website.


4 thoughts on “Prada’s Fall/Winter Campaign”

  1. I love the the menswear… Victorian, Edwardian, Napoleanic… it’s wonderfully retro. The women’s fashion reminds me of a different kind of retro as in a hideous matching argyle turtleneck and tights outfit I wore in 7th grade. Yikes!

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