Draft this

Sorry, no finished garments right now to post about. I have been a little bit distracted.

I started a Flat Pattern-making class a few weeks ago and tonight is the last class for it. Four classes total. 😦

The exciting part is that I have learned so much. Starting with Dart Manipulation, turning the darts into seams and we are finishing off with adding fullness. We have drafted 6 front bodices and 4 back bodices so far. I have been able to look at ready-to-wear tops and see how the pattern maker made it. It is really exciting.

Hopefully, there is a good response from the class and it will be offered during the fall semester with the same teacher.

I have also been taking accounting classes but we don’t really need to go into that. Right?

I have been social the past couple of weeks.  Some of my friends complain that I am always in class or doing homework. Well now they have more access to me, since my time is being freed up in the summer and possibly in the fall.

Finally, I have been spending time sorting out my apartment. My table has been occupied, so I have not been sewing much. I want to host a party and also have enough space to create comfortably. I don’t have hardwood floors and my cutting space is limited to the size of my table. This weekend I went to Ikea and pick up the 2×4 Expedit shelving unit and also some fabric to cover my couch pillows. I got the black and white Sofia fabric and then I got the orange Gunilla fabrc. I plan to make pillow covers with zippers, so I can switch out the print if I felt like it.

Well I hope everyone has a good week. Maybe I can get some sewing done, one of these days.


3 thoughts on “Draft this”

  1. Pattern drafting was my favorite class in school, I’m sure everything you’ve learned will prove invaluable to you in the future!

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