Mini Tailored Jacket Completed

Besides taking Advanced Knits this semester, I took a Tailoring class. We learned the bespoke (traditional), contemporary and industry methods of tailoring. I only learned the bespoke and contemporary methods. Making a mini jacket that had one side bespoke and the other side contemporary took forever. So while the class was working on the full size industry jacket, I was finishing my mini jacket. I think only 3 people finished their mini jacket and no one finished their full size. The full size pattern  being used for the class was  Burda 8300. Which I think is just… UGH!! So I had plan to make the Men’s jacket with Burda 8186 and have my close guy friend be my model. Didn’t work out that way, but I still will be making him a tailored jacket. He is very excited about it.

I am very glad to say that my mini jacket is finished.

Tailored Jacket class proof

Sorry for the little picture. My teacher took it for grading purposes to prove that I completed the class. Which means I am finished the Clothing Construction Certificate Program. Let’s all do the happy dance.

Anyway, back to the little jacket….

Tailored Jacket full

This jacket was such a *itch to make. I do not suggest making a half-size tailored jacket. It’s very evil. Imagine a world where you have to sew tiny little bound buttonholes and hand worked buttonholes.

Bound buttonhole and hand buttonhole

I definitely need to practice on my buttonholes. So tiny, it is maddening.

Pockets and Buttons

As well as my pockets. I really dislike my patch pocket, but I am not a huge fan of patch pockets to begin with. I do need to practice working on those. Making the other pockets were fun once I understood what the heck I was doing.
Lining of Tailor Jacket

Inserting the lining was an interesting process, which was pretty much bagging the lining. I kind of wish I did the feather-stitch for the back pleat. Maybe next time. It is a really nice detail.

Back vent of Tailored Jacket

It was very tricky doing the back vent. I learned how to do a mitered corner. Which I want to make a bunch of them now. I really like the way they look.

I am pleased with my finished product and kind of excited to tackle a full size version,  especially my winter coat. Which will be the Abbey Coat by Jamie Christina. I am kind of nervous about making a tailored jacket for my good friend, but if I take my time and don’t try to do shortcuts, it should come out nice. Maybe make samples of techniques that I need practice on. Oh and big seam allowances because worsted wool unravels like crazy.

So, what do I got going on next you say? Well, my school is starting a 3 week Pattern-making class that I plan to take. I need to finish up my second Renfrew top, my cape and skirt for the Colette Pattern challenge. I am pretty sure I will not be finishing that challenge on time. I am also on the fence about making the dress for that challenge. There are some other dresses I have in mine for spring/summer. Like a Maxi dress…

Well, I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


11 thoughts on “Mini Tailored Jacket Completed”

  1. That mini jacket is SO CUTE! I can’t even imagine how maddening it must have been to do all that tailoring in such a tiny scale, but the finished piece actually really adorable. I’d make a little dressform for it & display it in my sewing room if it was mine 🙂

    I love the Abbey coat pattern & I’m considering it for my 2012 coat. I can’t wait to see yours!

    1. LOL Classmates have stormed out the room while working on theirs. I have tossed it across the room, try to rip it apart and even almost dropped out of the class. Very Maddening!! The book we used was not well written and the teacher wasn’t prepared. o.O BUT, I glad I did it and its done with.
      There is an online store that has half-size dress forms for cheap, I might buy one of those.
      When do you plan to start on your Abbey coat? I am thinking September.

  2. I’d bet that Adrian started drinking when he worked on the Wizard of Oz- I think the mayor of Munchkinland put him over the edge. Wow- I was seriously impressed!

  3. I’d have to find a midget or child to wear my fabulous jacket if I was you. Or get a big ole doll like a My Buddy or something. Somebody would have to wear it!!!!!LOL I love the Abby coat and want to make one for myself.

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