Me-Made May 2012: Week 4

Can you believe it? It’s Week 4 already.

Top: Sewaholic Renfrew Top in purple & gray jersey knit
Pants: Lee’s Jeans from Ross
Shoes: Purple Chucks, that I can’t remember where I got it from.

I just love my outfit today. My Renfrew came out better than I thought it would. My coworkers are super shocked that it was handmade. This makes me grin from ear to ear. 🙂

I am so happy I found these jeans yesterday at Ross. I did not have anything clean to wear with my top, so OF COURSE, I bought new jeans. Two pairs in fact. This pair is pretty near perfect. Fits great, covers my crack sitting and standing and does not require being hemmed. Which means no ripped hems. I don’t mind the wrinkles, I actually like the relaxed look. Jeans can get too tight in the thighs and in months the inseam will start splitting.


I finally get to wear my purple chucks again. I bought these to cosplay for a friend’s comic several years ago and I rarely wore them since. Yes, I really like my look today despite what my face might read. I swore I took a picture with me smiling but it turned out I was actually snarling.

Now, I need to tackle my next top for the last week of MMM12. On the last day of May, I will have a nice surprise for you, so stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2012: Week 4”

    1. Thanks for the link.
      I like both of your tees. Very cute.
      I just finished a color blocked Renfrew myself, just need to photograph and blog about it.

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