Me-Made May 2012 – Week 3

MMM12: Week 3

Top: The Closet
Skirt: Me-made Circle Skirt (tutorial from Dana Made It)
Me-made T-shirt Scarf (tutorial from Hello Giggles)

I made it to week 3, yay!!!

I whipped this circle skirt up real fast for this weeks MMM. I love that it is simple to make. I did not even trace out a pattern for it, just used my measurement and marked the fabric. However, somewhere along the line, I took the wrong measurements and the skirt doesn’t actually fit. I have a binder clip to hold it tight. Binder clips rock!

The fabric that I am using, I think, is a seersucker. It is very light weight. I had to hold my skirt down while walking around outside, just to keep from flashing people. Can you tell I did not hem it? I really didn’t want to be bothered, especially since it is too big for me.

I don’t even know if I’ll wear this again. In order for me to make this skirt more wearable, I will have to create a seam, there is no seams in this skirt currently. Take it in and most likely add an enclosure. Probably a zipper. I don’t think I can get away with using the elastic band with a non-stretch woven because there is a 8 inch difference between my hips and my waist. On top of the waist fit, I will have to fix the length. My booty has a bit of shelf action going on, so the front hem is much longer than the back. I might make a knit version of this and use my natural waist measurement. That way it might hopefully fit and go over my hips.

Has anyone made a seamless woven circle skirt with a large difference from waist and hip measurement, that worked out?

I also made another t-shirt scarf, but this time in yellow. I normally don’t wear such bright colors but thought with all the gray, I would add a pop element to my outfit.

My plan for next week is to finish my Renfrew top or my batwing top. I only need to hem the batwing top and then stitch the side seams. My Renfrew, I have several more steps to finish before it is  completed. *Le Sigh*

Men's Suit @ Paley Center

Last week, I went up to LA and happened to go on the WB Studio Tour. I have to say that my favorite part of the tour was going into the museum and looking at the costumes. I was very sad to find out that we could not take  pictures in the museum, but it was very cool to see. The highlight of the costumes was seeing that they use Melton for the under collar of  Heath Ledgers’ Joker Costume. It is really nice to know how much attention to detail that costume designers take in making these garments. The above suit is from a costume exhibit (don’t recall) that was at the Paley Center. I went there on Saturday instead of going to the Getty museum. At the Paley Center we were allowed to take pictures. I just adored the suits they had on exhibit.

Women's Suit @ Paley Center
Rolled Hem @ Paley Center

Just look at that hem.

Big Bang Theory @ Paley Center

There is a lot of tiny thin people in the movie industry. Either that or they took in the costumes to fit the mannequins.

Anyway, how is everyone else’s Me-made May going? I just realized I have two more weeks left. I thought I had only one. Eck!


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