Thinking about it

Things I have been kind of crazy lately for me in my personal life.

One of the crazy things was I cut off all my hair. I am not fully bald but nearly. I have the lovely skin condition called eczema. The eczema traveled into my scrap and I already have dry skin, so it does not help that I chemically straighten my hair. Well, I started noticing breakage in the front and back of my head. I have been thinking about cutting it and two weekends ago, I did. Last weekend, I had my hair stylist clean it up. I don’t like it. Everyone that has seen it really likes it. Apparently I have the face for it. I still hate it, so I have been wearing wigs. It’s an interesting emotional journey, but I hope my hair grows back nice and healthy without the harsh chemical straighteners.

Have you ever rocked a look that you didn’t like but everyone else did?

Okay, skipping the other personal drama for now.

It’s really exciting to see everyone’s Me-Made May 2012 Pledges. I am actually kind of jealous. I don’t have enough me-made items to participate like most people. If anything, I might be able to get away with doing one me-made item per week. Do you think its worth me signing up?  Let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “Thinking about it”

  1. Hi! 🙂 I am participating in the Me Made challenge for the first time myself, and since I have just started sewing/refashioning maybe around summer of last year, i’m sure i have even less me-made items than you 🙂 i hate having pics of me taken, so this will be even bigger challenge too, but why not right? esp since you define your own challenge, so once a week is alright in my book 🙂 come and join! (i have yet to take my pic for the day)

  2. I have had my hair cut extremely short and everyone loved it. The styling options were way too limiting for me, so I rocked 1/2 wigs. I would still join MMM12 and agree to once/week. The idea is to stretch yourself and if that is a stretch, you should join in on the fun.

  3. once a week is definitely challenge enough. GO FOR IT.

    as far as rocking “adverse” looks: i once dyed my hair red. my best friend said i looked like ass. (that’s a quote.) so if you have truthful friends like i do: rock your short hair! having met you in person, i have the feeling it looks quite awesome on you. (my red did not.)

  4. Trice, I just found your blog and am happy to be here.

    When I read about your excema, I had to say this.. Most skin conditions are allergies caused by food or some product that we use. Maybe you can keep a journal of food and products you use to figure this out.. Another way is to eliminate everything (elimination diet for food and products) for 3-4 weeks and then reintroduce only one at a time… that will help you catch what is bothering your body.

    This is how wee figured out my wheat intolerance. Sharing it here so it might help you too..

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