Moodboard Part 2

Above is pretty much my planned wardrobe with fabric for the Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge 2012. I did not approach this challenge with particular colors in mind. I pretty much picked which patterns I wanted to make and then found fabric that I wanted to go with them. I tried really hard to go with a spring/summery palette, but my eyes keep drawing me towards the more fall colors. Fall is the best time of year btw and not just because I am a fall baby. So this is my attempted at a spring/summer color palette.

The Spring part of my palette is mainly wool fabric. I am on the fence about the skirt pattern. I do want to make it, but maybe I should use a different fabric or a different pattern all together. The fabric suggestions does not say wool. We shall see what I end up doing. I plan to start the cape first, so I have a little time to think about it. Maybe something more exciting will pop up.

I really love the fabric I picked for the Colette dress. I saw it in the bin and knew it was meant to be the Parfait dress. Can’t you see it too? Love it. The fabric for the top might be changed. The fabric is actually more darker in real life than the sample suggests above. I think I might have a more spring/summer fabric in my stash. I do still want to make the top in the above fabric, but it might not happen for the challenge.

I am really excited to do this challenge. I am considering adding more options for this challenge, as in more garments, but we shall see.


Sneak Peak!!!

In my advanced knits class tonight, I got to pin fit my Renfrew Top. I love the fit. The crazy Y-bust adjustment and dart removal actually produce something great. I love that my bust is not stretching the knit, you can’t see my back rolls and no gut. I decided to do my strips on the diagonal to be different. It came out surprisingly nice. I think it is very flattering.


Then I made the back horizontal to make the shirt interesting AND so I can be lazy about matching. The sleeves and the bands will be horizontal as well. Oh how exciting. The next Renfrew shirt will be made with my serger and it will be with the cowl and short sleeves.


Well tomorrow I’ll be steam pressing my welt pocket and starting my bound buttonhole. Not looking forward to that.

Night all


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