Class Trip to LA

This past weekend, my tailoring classmates, other sewing student and I all went up to LA to visit the fashion district. Our agenda was to get breakfast at a half-way point, then meet at Ace Sewing Supplies, followed by B. Black and Sons and finally Michael Levine.

At Ace Sewing Supplies, I just picked up some Manila Paper, Dotted Marking Paper, a curve ruler, and white and yellow wax chalk. That alone caused me to have to go back to the car to free up my hands.

Eventually, the other people in our group were finished shopping and we head over to B. Black and Sons. B. Black and Sons carries mostly woolen fabric, This place is like heaven to me because I really love wools. I am sure you can imagine this place is not cheap, but I still manage to find something to take home. I found some lovely navy wool that fells so wonderful. I can’t wait to have that against my skin. I also found some nice bemberg lining that will go with the cape. The last thing I picked up were some wood buttons that I plan to use as earrings.

Skipped out again from the rest of the group because they were taking so long and I did not plan to make a full size tailored jacket in this class, just finished the half-size. Plus there was a need to eat. Even super fabric shoppers need to re-fuel.

After eating, we headed over to the Michael Levine’s Loft.  Now, I have been to Michael Levine before but never knew about the loft. Boy was that a treat. I should have taken pictures but I was too distracted by the boxes of fabric everywhere. This place is awesome. You purchase your fabric by the pound for only $2.50 a pound. My damage was 15+ pounds of fabric. I will share my collection at the end.

The teacher showed up and we are then taken on a tour of Michael Levine. Which was mainly a tour of the warehouse. Which was pretty damn awesome. Below are some highlights of the tour.

 Aisle of fabric, just makes you want to drool, right?

This is one of the machines they use to roll the fabric onto the tubes.

Well stocked

They even stock the lace

It was very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a big fabric store.

After the tour, I picked up some more fabric and then it was time to go home. There was 3 other people in the suburban I was riding in. I cannot imagine where additional people would seat. Can you?

Well not to make you wait any longer, time to share what fabric I took home with me from this fun trip. Here is some more pictures from the tour.

15 + lbs of fabric at $2.50 a pound. The funny things about this collection of fabric is that this is my attempt at a spring/summer palette. I am such a Autumn/Winter girl.

This is fabric that I purchased not at ML Loft. The blue is like a cotton/poly blend. The middle fabric is the bemberg lining and navy fabric is the lovely wool.

My next post will be about what patterns and fabrics I decided on for my Spring/Summer Palette Challenge. So stay tune.


2 thoughts on “Class Trip to LA”

  1. i knew i felt a presence in the force of the sewing world….

    what a great haul. the guy at levine loft told me his manager was stocking more prints there. i’ll run over next week (after they’ve recovered from you & your sewing mates).

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