Going on

I am all moved in to my new apartment but definitely not all unpacked. I still have a lot of unpacking to do.  I need to purchase some plastic containers for my fabric, despite having large  deep cabinets to storage them in. I live in a canyon, so I get my share of spiders and some other crawlies. It would be much better if I keep my lovely fabrics in tightly sealed containers.

Yesterday was the first day back to tailoring class. This half of the term we are working on industry tailoring and fit. I am probably not going to do that but might shadow the class a little after I catch up. I’ll be finishing off my traditional/contemporary half-size jacket so I can have my certificate completed.

I am excited for this weekend. My class is going up to LA’s garment district to go shopping. We plan to get some supplies at B. Black and Sons, Ace Sewing and Michael Levine.  I plan to be very naughty and take home several pounds of fabric from the Loft. Which is just in time for Colette’s Spring/Summer 2012 Palette Challenge. Click on logo below to find out more about it.

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

I need to go through all my patterns and see what I want to make for this challenge. I think I am going to make 4 different items. 2 spring items and 2 summer. I think that is a more realistic challenge for me. I have been dragging my ass with sewing and I have a ton of stuff going on in my life right now.

Speaking of Colette have you seen their new patterns? I really love the Lily Dress. The Hazel and Iris are both nice but I am more so drawn to the Lily. Very figure flattering and nice clean lines.

BurdaStyle just release a Sailor Pants pattern. I LOVE sailor pants.  These two pattern will be going on my wish list.

Ugh, how am I expected to be good with my sewing budget if these awesome designers keep coming out with cute designs? At least I am trying to avoid looking at the Big 4. I think I can be break some rules by just getting independent patterns. RIGHT?

Other sewing related things I decided to spend my money on was the online sewing classes at Craftsy. I purchased the Sew Retro:  Starlet Suit Jacket with  Gretchen Hirsch and The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje. I am really excited. I probably exploding out the ears with jacket patterns.

Well I am gonna end this here so I can run some errands. If you wish to follow me on Pinterest, please feel free to so. I will be keeping my Colette Palette Challenge Inspirations there.

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