I promise, I have not been slacking off!

Well not completely. Tailoring class has been hair-pulling stressful. I am coming along but definitely not caught up with the teacher (I don’t think anyone is). Tonight, I might take pictures of my progress to share with you all, depending on what mood I am in.

My advance knits class is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would. I did my first Y-FBA ever on my Sewaholic Renfrew top. That pattern has no darts, so…. Yeah. After making the Y-FBA, I created a dart in my front bodice. Of course, I don’t want the dart in a tee-shirt, so I have to do additional steps to get rid of the dart. Since. my dart is not small, I can’t just smoosh it out. *sadface*  Getting rid of the dart requires some rocket science. Okay not really, but well, you know.

My progress with the Minoru Jacket has come to a pause for now. I was all excited when I had the zipper permanently attached. I tried it on and realized the damn jacket is crooked. At first I thought, I could even up the plackets just by cutting them even at the bottom, but it looks crooked in the collar. So, I’ll have to rip out one zipper side (again) and even it out and hopefully it will align.


Another problem I came across is sewing my lining. Mainly, attaching the nylon pockets to the mesh bodice front. My machine is just not liking it and creating nesting. I am stepping away from the jacket for a little.I have enough projects under my wing and I don’t want to hate the jacket before I finish it. On the positive side, it fits nicely.

I have not been getting as much sewing stuff done in the past few weeks as I should, because things at home and work are stressing me out. Home has been the greatest stress because that’s the place I should be able to relax and let go of my day. Well, I am looking to move, the sooner the better.

I found a lovely apartment and I am hoping to hear back today regarding if it will be mines. Let me tell you, I fell in love with it. It is an older building with as much of the old architecture still in tact. Hardwood floors, large kitchen and living room.  One of the cutest things about the apartment is in the kitchen. There is a cabinet with a pull out ironing board. Seriously, very cute. The first thing I take note of when I look at a place is if the kitchen is a good size and sewing space. At this place I can split the living room in half and make the side with the display cabinets and dresser my sewing area.


(Source: BH&G)

Is it weird that I look for a good sewing space when considering apartment or house. Do you take in consideration sewing space when you look for a new home?


2 thoughts on “I promise, I have not been slacking off!”

  1. For my next house, I will definitely be looking for a room to sew. Right now I sew in the basement! Its cold here in Canada, and even with a fire going, the basement isn’t ideal. I want a spacious room with shelves and a cutting area, a tv and a nice lounge chair for when I stop for a cup of coffee. Oh, to dream! Now, all I need is to win the lottery! I hope you get the new apartment, but I don’t envy you the time spent packing and unpacking!

    1. Yeah, basements are only nice if you find a way to keep them warm.
      Thanks, we shall see. Word has not gotten back to me and this will be a big decision.
      Packing is not easy, not one bit.

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