Getting Minoru Jacket Started

This weekend I spent most of my time working on the muslin for my Minoru Jacket.

Let me tell you, when I went to finish sewing this up, I decided that it was a great idea to take ALL my fabric out and re-organize it. Yup, that is how I roll.  I measured some of them and even made swatch inventory*. I also decided to roll the fabric up instead of folding. Yeah, how’s that for getting stuff done. I eventually told myself to stop avoiding what I needed to do and started working on the jacket.  I must say that my fabric collection looks nice and tidy now, except on the bottom shelf. I think I need a bin for scraps.

So! After completing my muslin, I came across several alterations I need to make. First the sleeves. They are way too long. I might just need to take up 2 inches. I would also like the cuff to be a little tighter, it just seems  loose for my tiny wrist. Another alteration that I will need to make is in the waist area.  The elastic clearly needs to be made tighter. My waist is 7 inches smaller than my bust and 9 inches smaller than my hips.  It doesn’t look like I have much of a waist does it?

There is a ton of pooling in the back. It might be because I didn’t want to do a bust adjustment, so I went with the size closest to my full bust instead of my high bust. I am crossing my fingers that I can fix it with moving the waist elastic area up higher. My co-worker said, I only need to tighten the elastic around the side front because  if I did it all around it would not lay nice over my truck….er.. derriere. Hopefully, I’ll get a better fit in the waist on the final version because it will be cased. I also would like to add side pocket, instead of patch pockets.

I am thinking about shortening the overall length. What do you think?

I was kind of bad today (when am I not). I saw that Fabric Mart is having a 50% off sale on wool. So, my keyboard and mouse purchased the Shetland Wool in Raspberry. Isn’t it just pretty. I am going to use it for the Abbey Coat Pattern.

I am still on the fence if I want to work on the Meringue Skirt with the Sew Colette Sew-Along. I have a nice fabric for it but I don’t have anything to use to make the muslin. I also don’t wear that many skirts.  I might even  skip over the next project, I don’t really care for the bodice but I do love the pin tucks on the skirt.  So, if I do decided to work on that one, I will make a skirt instead of a dress. I don’t know. I already have enough projects going on.

Tonight, I’ll be working on the adjustments and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with the sew-along over the weekend. I really need to get moving on my Tikva Trench, after tonight I have one more class for the semester. UGH!

Look at that water just sitting there on the nylon for my Minoru jacket. 🙂

*If you are looking for a way to oraginze your fabric swatches Sew Weekly has a printable template.


One thought on “Getting Minoru Jacket Started”

  1. I know Tasia mentioned that she made the sleeves to be worn longer, but they do seem a bit too long for you. I also think that you might need to go down a size in general and do that FBA you are trying to avoid….good job on doing a muslin. You know I cut straight into my fabric. I’ll be working on mine in class tonight.

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