For X-mas, I was happy to receive a copy of Pants for Real People by Patti Palmer and Marta Alto. It will go nicely with my copy of Fit for Real People. Since I plan to make a several pairs of pants, including jeans, this book should help me on my adventure of making them. I probably will buy ‘Jackets for Real People’ next month (to have a full set) since I have all these jackets and coats to tackle this year.  Speaking about jackets and coats….

Right around new years, I was on etsy and came across Jamie Christina Designs. I just fell in love with her Abbey Coat Pattern. I had just purchase Simplicity 2508 to make a winter coat. I really want a winter coat for next winter. So far this winter I have been wearing a  knit jacket that started piling within a week of me wearing it. Recently all the buttons have fallen off. It’s an easy fix but I am not really motivated to fix buttons on a jacket I don’t really like since its all covered in piling. The jacket I am wearing currently is more so a spring jacket, that I wear a hoodie underneath. So I am really looking forward to having a proper winter coat for next winter.

I received the Abbey Coat Pattern last night. The pattern is in a ziplock bag. The pattern instructions are in a full-color booklet. Very cute. I kind of wish there was another place to store the pattern pieces, but honestly the ziplock bag it just fine. I don’t plan to cut into the pattern until after the my tailoring class. You should check out some of Jamie Christina’s other patterns, they are really lovely looking.

Oh yeah, speaking of tailoring class. I found out what pattern we will be using for the class. Burda 8300 for the Women’s jacket and Burda 8186 for the Men’s jacket. UGH. Not my taste at all. So, I will be doing Burda 8186 in class and make it for my favorite guy.  There is no point in me making the women’s jacket when I would never wear it. I did promise my friend that I would make him something, so I get to fulfill that promise.

This past Friday, I finished making my first baby set. You can see more photos at my Flickr site. I got the idea to make the baby set from Blueprint Crafts. The soon-to-be-parents loved their baby set. I told them once they find out what gender the baby is, I will make little baby and infant clothes for them.  I came across so many cute baby patterns on Etsy. I think it would be fun to make little people clothes.

When I get home tonight I have to rip out all the sewing I did. The shoulder seams on the Tikva Trench needs to line up, which means I need to do some easing. I also need to fix the collar on the muslin that I  am working on the for the Minoru Jacket. My bottom gather row is exposed. Since I am hoping to make a wearable muslin I want it to be will constructed.

Finally, I am hoping to join along in the Sew Colette Sew-Along through out the year. Sarah from Rhinestones & Telephones and Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy are behind the Sew Colette Sew-Along. They will sew one garment a month in the order that they appear in the Colette Sewing Handbook. You should check it out and join.

January just feels overwhelming with sewing projects. Anyone else feels that way?


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