Happy New Years

Happy New Years. I hope everyone has had a great holiday season

I have been spending the holiday with my friends and their families. Good times and Good food.

So, I have been a very bad girl. I broke my Seamless Pledge. ūüė¶


I was with my friend while she took her sister to get some clothes for the Holidays. I resisted the eager to purchase a coat but I could not resist the eager to purchase this top that was on clearance. The top looks really nice on me. I really would like to make a couple of knock-offs for my wardrobe. Part of the motivation to buy the top was that I could not find my favorite blouse. I have a feeling that it might have gotten trashed and I just forgot that I did that. I really loved that top. It was in my favorite color, green. It was made of half chiffon with ruffles and pin tucks and the half knit around the abdomen. Great top on me. I am hoping that the blouse got damaged and I decided to trash it and not that it got stolen from the laundry room. That would be super annoying. So now I have a new favorite top.

Oddly enough, McCalls has a similar pattern to the top I purchased at the store. There are some differences. The pattern is for woven fabrics and also there is no back seam. Which I guess is good since I don’t really work with knits, yet.


I have been slightly the busy little bee in regards to sewing. I made the black with white trim ribbon petticoat for my company party. It was a hit. I still need to model it for my classmates and take pictures for you all. I actually started sewing my button down shirt from last semester, however I got suck on the shoulder seams and lining up the strips. Can I tell you strips are evil.

(close up of nylon and netting)

I cut out the pattern pieces for the Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic. I might skip doing any major adjustments, because the finish measurements are perfect. However, I will still make a muslin, just to make sure. Oh, I have my fabrics all picked out (see above). My Minoru will be in a lovely red nylon with a black mesh lining. I purchased a black waterproof zipper for the front. Sadly, I did not find a 18′ waterproof zipper for the hood. I’m really excited to get going on this project.

I also cut out the pattern pieces for the Sencha blouse by Colette. I thought I had the nicest fabric for it but turns out that there isn’t enough yardage. Actually there isn’t enough yardage for my body. So, I can try to use the fabric as part of blouse or use it as a bag lining.

(The two end fabrics are crepe and then middle is charmeuse)

I bought¬†three different fabrics for the Sencha. I hope I have not purchase these fabrics in vain, I have been hearing that the pattern isn’t really friendly to big busted women. I just hope that people are not doing a good job at fitting the top. ¬†Then I’ll have some hope.


I have a little more to post about but I will keep this from being super long and I will try to post later in the week.


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