You can’t be petty wearing cute coats

I got some exciting news.


I am at the point in my trench coat that I can start sewing. Last week in class we pin fitted the bodice of the fashion fabric on me and everything fit great and managed to have my teacher get rid of the shoulder dart. Which makes me super happy. The plan is to squeeze some sewing in before the next class, so I can try to be caught up. The next class I will need to pin fit the skirt (with the bodice) and the sleeve. I just might be able to have a completed coat by the end of the class. SWEET!!

Last Friday, I received the Minoru Jacket in the mail. I really can’t wait to start working on this. So much that I went to check out fabric. I ended up going to the South Bay Swap Meet, Yardage Town and then JoAnn’s. I  purchased a twill fabric and also some black tulle at the Swap Meet. At Yardage Town I found nylon in various of colors that would be great for this jacket. I might do it in red nylon with black mesh lining. Tho, I am really tempted to make it in my safety net of black or grey. Luckily enough I can make the Minoru Jacket in those colors at a later date.

I am planning to use the tulle to make a petticoat. My company is having a Holiday party and I am on the fence about going. It is on a night that I have baking class and I am looking forward to making donuts, fritters and churros. However, some of my co-workers are giving me a hard time about not going. So if I am attending I think I’ll make a petticoat to go under my black dress with white polk-a-dots. Since I am doing the Seamless Pledge, I will not be going out to shop for a dress, nor do I really want to go through that. Adding a fun element to a dress that already exist in my wardrobe seems more fun anyways. I have white ribbon to add to the hem of the petticoat.

Well, its time for to try to be productive on this Black Friday. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving.


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