Burdastyle and pressing matters

The skirt that I made for my best friend (that is not finished, ssh) has been posted on Burdastyle as part of the Sew Along in September. If you get a chance, please vote here.

The skirt is the 5th one in the slide show. I am working to get a better photo posted.  Oh, you have to be a burdastyle member to vote.

Last night, not too much progress was made during class. We spent most of the time watching a movie about Pressing. I spent the rest of the class ironing 5 yards of the fashion fabric and then 2 yards of lining.  Not terribly exciting. It was fairly interesting to use the steamer and very noisy.

Oh, I also rotated my shoulder dart. It was driving me nuts. Now it will be in my back armhole, kind of like this. I like this much better than the dart in the shoulder back.

This weekend I plan to finish up the above skirt. Hand stitch the tail end of the zipper and do the hem. I also need to work on my friend’s shorts, while cleverly getting his head measurements for a birthday present. In my mind, all I want to do is just sleep all weekend.

How about you? What are your plans?


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