Spending for sewing

Tuesday, I made a big purchase. To be honest, the overall price was not that big. I broke down, shifted some funds and purchased a Brother’s 3/4 Lay-in Thread Serger with Lower Loop Threader. Peter from Male Pattern Boldness loves his serger and I also seen good reviews online. Since I think my mom is not going to give me back my old serger without difficult, I decided it was time. I hope to get the machine on today.

Oddly enough, my classmate  let me borrow her serger so I can finish up my shirt from last semester. I technically could have waited to purchase the Serger, but didn’t really want to miss out on the price.
Do you feel like sometimes you end up doing impulse buying with your hobbies? Do you try to justify you purchases? I turned my head when I made the purchase, so I couldn’t keep going back and forth on whether or not to buy. I feel a little guilty buying it but I am pretty darn excited too.
I don’t know the terms of how long I am being loaned the Bernina from my classmate, so in the long run it’s better to have my own.
I also purchased Swedish tracing paper from Birch Street Clothing. It is supposed to be really good tracing paper. Right now, I am using medical paper. It’s not bad but it’s not as great as tissue paper, especially with tissue fitting. The medical paper is stiff enough to be slightly annoying. I really hope the tissue is just what I need.


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