September is National Sewing Month

Yup, how awesome is that. A month for sewing. I really want to do something for National Sewing Month, BUT what? There is a contest going but it requires that you had some HEART element to the project. Vomit! Not my thing. Burda is doing a sew-a-long, which I am strongly considering. I’m thinking I should make the Skirt with Front Pleats for my BF. The pattern doesn’t come in my size and I am not a huge skirt wearer, so it will be more useful for me to make it for someone else. The other pattern options for this sew-a-long are dresses. I’m not up for making dresses. So, yeah! Skirt it is. I don’t want to make the skirt too plain, might add piping around the waistband, might make the pleats inserts a different color or add a tulle hem. Definitely want to add some kind of detail to the skirt.

Is there anyone else doing something for National Sewing Month?


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