Fall Class

This summer I pretty much have taken a break from sewing. I am not sure entirely how it happened but it did. I guess I just want to take it easy for the summer time. I started a bag, that just needs straps to be attached and I did some hemming of pants for a friend.Besides that no sewing as been done.

I have been somewhat active. I just started taking an Interior Design class, which is very interesting. I have also gotten myself published. I have a book full of photographs I have taken over the years. I am very excited about it. Besides those highlights, I have been taking it fairly easy.

Fall classes will be starting soon and I know my teacher plans for us to make the Trench Coat this upcoming semester. I am not a huge fan of the trench coat fashion. Most of them are similar in style, just probably a different fabric or print.  There are not too many trench coat patterns to begin with. 😦

I found one that I like enough on Burdastyle. This is the Tikva Trench. Of course it is one sides two small, but I think I am going to try to make it anyways and do adjustments. Rather do make a garment that you don’t like that you have to adjust, than make one that fits but you don’t like.

I also look forward to finishing some of my other projects, I’ll have access to the serger and I can serge the seams and finish my tops. Up probably another semester of too many projects. That’s me.


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