Style and Fit

Is there any styles out there that you really like but it just seems like it does not work on your body?

For me Tunics and Bubble skirts.

I tried on the following top and it just did not look that good on me.

Charlotte Russe tunic

Charlotte Russe tunic (see more belted tops)

I tried this shirt on and it looks great. It could be a little bigger, its a little tight around the neck.

And bubble skirts just add volume to my hips.

I don’t plan to give up trying to find the tunic that looks good on me. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting the tunic at the right store. I also hope to pull of a bubble skirt.

I would really like to be able to wear more flowly clothings and not stuff that are fitted. Fitted clothing looks really good on me, however, now that I have back fit, I don’t want clothes to fit that close.

I also have problems with jeans. Who doesn’t wear jeans? I have yet to find the perfect pair of jeans. They never fit through the waist and hips. If they fit great in the hips then they fall down to low and I have to wear a belt. I hate wearing belts to keep my pants up, not very comfort. All my jeans tend to have thigh explosion syndrome. After a few months of wear, my thighs rip right through the denim. Clearly denim is not as tough as they claim to be. Another problem is length. All my jeans are pretty torn up at them hem. Once I become better at sewing straight I will make myself jeans. They will fit amazing.

It’s kind of heart-breaking when you really wanna wear something, it’s in your size but it doesn’t fit you right or it look terrible on your figure?

Am I alone in this?


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