New Baby

Photo taken from seller

I did it, I got myself another sewing machine. It might not be consider vintage but it is vintage enough for me. It is a Brother VX760. Loving the metal parts and that it is fairly simple. Meaning not too many features.

I purchased it off of ebay. It’s is always risky buying a sewing machine that you can’t test out for yourself. So it really helps when the dealer is willing to give you as much information as possible and many pictures. The seller took many pictures which really helped. The machine has been serviced and she included test samples to illustrate the quality of the stitching. I have been lucky with my sewing machine purchase from ebay. My first machine I got from ebay, but I traded it in for a brand new machine with bells in whistles (my Brother CE-4000). The second machine I had purchased from ebay was the serger. The little bit of testing I got to do with it, made it a fine purchase, just wish I could get it back from my mother.

 Photo taken by seller

Anywho, what sold me on this particular machine was that she did a sample of 8 layers of denim fabric. Talk about power! This is the kind of power I want in a sewing machine. Look at the stitch work, just lovely.

When the machine arrived in the mail, she included most of the parts that came with the machine. There was no oil thingy and no original manual, but she provided a cd with the manual on it. She also included the above sewn test samples. The stitching was even more lovely.

Let me finish drooling for a minute.

I can’t wait to play around on the machine. I won’t  be using it for my current projects because I want to do my own testing before I make something. However, I might try to make a Hip bag before my trip to Seattle and perhaps I’ll use the machines for that.


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