All up to me now.

This weekend I came across a problem while trying to cut out the back of the panic dress. There was a sway back adjustment done to the pattern piece. A sway back is when your lower back curves inward and your booty sticks out. Now while I am laying out the pattern onto the fabric there is a huge pucker. I was hoping to get my teacher’s help on solving this issue but I found out this morning that there is no class tonight. I won’t see my teacher until June 1. The contest is over on May 30. 😦

I at least think I have figured out the folding front yoke, see.

The plan is to cut the mock up the best I can, if it does not work then I’ll take out the tuck and deal with it. I only have 5 days to have a finish piece, so I don’t have time to be picky about Fit.


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