Where the magic happens and getting closer to the finish line.

Don’t mind the mess but this is my sewing corner. However, I honestly can’t say I have sew in it yet. I actually haven’t sewn anything since I moved into my new apartment. Go figure, right? I do plan to sew this weekend, I promise. I have some men’s shorts to hem.

Anywho, I saw online several sewing rooms that had pegboards and I just loved that idea. I am not 100% happy with the setup yet but it is slowly getting there. The table is a little more neater currently than in the picture. I need to find a way to make the dress form more usable.  I found the dress form in a thrift store. It was super cheap and I had to buy it. If only it were my size, but things can’t always be 100% perfect. The problem  I have with the dress form is the foam. It is old and it’s flaking, so I need to cover it. I have another dress form in my bedroom closet. It is a duct tape dress form casted from my body. I need to stuff it and  prep it to be use.

My sewing area needs a little more work. I have a bookcase not being used in my bedroom, I might use that to store and put it in the area. I probably will store my fabric, books and pattern on the bookcase.

Speaking of fabric, most of my fabric can be found in the hallway closet. Some of it is hiding in there, some of it is in a suitcase and some is in a basket with my knitting supplies in my bedroom. It delights me to say that most of what is in the closet below, I received for free. There is a table in class where people can leave stuff they don’t want. I have donated stuff myself. I really need to catalogue my fabric and map out what I plan to do with each piece.

I use my kitchen table for cutting which only a few steps away. I purchased the Norden Table from Ikea. As soon as I saw it, I loved it. I love that both sides drop down. It can be a 2 seater or 4 seater table. I can just drop both sides and get it out of the way for more room. I also iron my clothes on the table. I really need to get a standard ironing board instead of using the tabletop ironing board.

I’ll probably get to organizing my sewing area in the summer. Summer classes have been cut, I will only be taking one sewing class (hopefully) and it is a two-week class, so I’ll have more free time. Maybe!

My shirt is in the phase to be pin fitted and then I can start sewing. I really hope I can be finished before the end of the term which is June 1. Oh, so close for so little time and too many projects. I just remembered I need to cut out the fabric for the other shirt so my teacher can help with the neckline pleating.

So for the panic dress, all the adjustments have been made so it can fit my body. Now I need to work on modifying the  New Look pattern to look like the panic dress. The plan is to do a muslin mock-up and play with the folds to figure it out. My teacher and I had the toughest time trying to figure it out. We decided that it would be better to play with it in fabric to figure it out. We figured out the basic shape for the hem, it’s just the top folding that is tricky, like origami. I even have the fabric purchase. I got a Black linen like fabric in a summer weight for the main fabric and a purple/blue silk dupioni for the hem and the top folds.

So, my plans for this weekend is a lot of sewing. June 31 will be here in no time and I really want to finish projects by their deadlines.


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