All I Want for X-mas

Okay, I really do not want it for x-mas, but just want it in general…

A vintage Sewing Machine.

I currently own a Brothers CE-4000. It is an okay sewing machine but at the same time garbage.  It is not a big fan of thick material.This past x-mas, I made a couple of clutch purses and making the straps for them was a nightmare. At one point the needle broke and it just missed my face. I think I had glasses on. Some parts I had to hand crank to finish it off.

I know I want to start using thicker fabric. I want to make a pair of denim jeans and I don’t think this machine could handle that. I don’t plan to get rid of the Brother’s machine, but I do need something better.

I also need to get a serger. I actually own one but it is in my mother’s possession and I have a feeling that I won’t be getting it back. 😦


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